Time Off

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I am thankful for Time Off, that is the time off Page has for the holidays. It is so nice spending time together as a family and I am sad that tomorrow means back to a normal routine but I am thankful for his job and that he is alloted this time by the company he works for. We have had such a precious time together.  I love my family and my life!  God has truly blessed me and I have learned a few new things too.

1) I have learned that green prom dresses are alien shirts.....from Hezekiah upon entering Dillard's one
2) I have learned about the magical world of empty and full in the bathroom.
3) I have learned that Eli mourns Sonny more than I ever knew.
4) I have learned that Maggie Beth loves being attached to mommy....yes, yes, yes, so much I have felt
    the need to escape my house at times.
5) I have learned the songs and true words to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Battle Force 5.
6) I have learned to pack lunches, snacks, and food that can be smuggled into Sea World and ate rather
    than spending crazy prices for their food.
7) I did the same for Disney, but you are allowed too.
8) I have enjoyed that Page has had some garage-time and that he designs masterpieces with his new
    tools and tool box.
9) I love sleeping in while Page takes care of children..........maybe too much!
10) I have learned that little boys use many excuses to come out of their quiet times, especially one little
     one who draws mommy camels and cacti.
11) I have learned that Hezekiah thinks daddy keeps forgetting to get us a fence, so in his words,
      "Hopefully one day we can get a dog, if Daddy gets us a fence." (Pathetic - I think he told this to his
      Sunday school class today, hence talking about families and Sonny (our deceased turtle) and
      therefore learning about Eli's mourning about Sonny on the way home from church with copious
      amounts of sobbing in the back seat. Oh my!
12) I have learned that Maggie Beth can walk a couple miles on her own. She went the whole Erna Nixon
      boardwalk and also the whole path of Turkey Creek. Pretty remarkable for a little one who likes to be
      attached to mommy!
13) I have learned that Mommy needs Mommy time. (Hopefully all of you take time for yourself to do fun
14) I have learned that perhaps I will give up scrapbooking entirely since I blog and therefore I am doing
      things repeatedly and blogging is not as time consuming as scrapbooking and being a year behind
      makes me a bit agitated because I do not like to procrastinate and I like having things done in a
      timely manner and I think that this is a very good reason because I do not feel like I will ever catch
15) I have learned that I can Blurb my blog into a book so my family can have it forever, but now I just
      need to learn how to do it. I am guessing Page will teach me. So farewell scrapbooking, at least when I 
      am finished with the pictures I have printed and hello to my blog which hopefully will have more
      pictures and entries.
16)  I already knew but love my family and have learned to love them more and more!
17)  I have enjoyed my evenings with my honey!
18)  I have played lots of cars, played kitchen, read books, looked at old scrapbooks with my babies who
      are now 6 & 4, and 20 months!
19)  I have had opportunities to have sweet Hezekiah say, "Thank you Mommy for this wonderful day!"
      For  Eli to give me lots of kisses and hugs and make me masterpieces.  And for Maggie Beth to sing,
      "My Mommy, my mommy, me mommy!"  And to have sweet times with my precious husband who I


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