What a mess!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, January 8, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Last night I was preparing dinner. Oriental Chicken Salad.........which was ooohhh so delicious! Thanks to my friend Cindy and her recipe in my MOPS recipe binder! As I was preparing dinner Page took the boys outside to rake leaves and Maggie Beth stayed inside with me and helped out in the kitchen. By the time we were finished the kitchen was pretty messy to say the least. Now, the funny thing was that Page decided that this was "BLOG" worthy and had to take pictures after he finished dinner. Not that it was blog worthy that I made a mess, but instead the mess that our sweet little darling daughter made. He said, "I do not even remember the boys making this big of a mess." Ha ha ha! So, anyhow in the pictures please just look at the mess on the floor, somehow the mess on the counters and the sink seemed to not be of any consequence to my sweet husband. Thank you for overlooking my flaws Page! What is better yet though is he cleaned up the floor without anyone asking him and then I cleaned up the rest while the crew blasted off into space in Page's truck -- Why do kids love to play in vehicles? I do not know but all 4 of them were out there in Page's truck last night (I am including Page here with the 4). Crack me up. So hopefully this kitchen makes you feel better about yourself that your kitchen does not look like this. Oh, and I will post Cindy's recipe here later..........trust me it is good and was worth the mess!


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