Epcot - Egg hunt

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 At Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival we got to go on an Easter Egg hunt around the world.  

The kids had to find these various eggs hidden in the different countries around the World Showcase. 

Some eggs were harder to find than others. 

 While on our hunt we stopped in at France for some ice cream, the ice cream in France is pretty divine!  I had white chocolate coconut!

 After we finished the egg hunt we returned with our maps to pick out an egg of their choosing.  Below you can see the eggs chosen! 

13.11 THE HALF

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So my friend Beth asked me to come join her and my friend Lacey to run a half marathon back in October, I think.  I am not a runner, so I thought about it for a week or so and thought about it, and thought about it some more, then I decided I would try it!  

I honestly, at 42, never dreamed of running (I mean jogging/walking) a half marathon.  I have never been a runner.  I mean I have always been athletic, I played soccer (always the slowest runner or about on my team - I played from when I was in Candy League to High school, and I even played one year at Cumberland College when they desperately needed players for the first year).  I have never enjoyed running.  Swimming on the other hand I adore.  And well swim team was my thing from when I was probably about 6 thru college.  So, the running thing, I knew would be hard.  But I decided that I would do this and would do it for my sweet friends.  I knew this would be kind of like an overcoming kind of thing, that it would be a kind of thing for me that I would see how God got me thru it!  And God got me through it when the weeks prior my knees were a hurting! 

I was really not looking forward to the whole half marathon, I mean it is 13.11 miles.  I also was not looking forward to driving by myself to Travelers Rest, S.C. nor driving back.  But, I knew these things were just obstacles.   I did look forward to seeing my sweet friends, even though it was super short and sleep had to finally win out! 

It was a whirlwind, last weekend.  I could not believe the temperature Saturday morning was 31 degrees, I was a wee bit cold, not use to the temperature to run in.  I had not slept very well either and I figured I was doomed.  But, man after I got to the 2nd mile all things changed and my music was filling my ears, I felt great, and the scenery was beautiful.  A beautiful trail taking us away from Travelers Rest, S.C. to Greenville, S.C.  My friends they were fast.  I not so fast, but I did it!  I completed the half marathon.  My goal was to make it before the cut off time and I did by 35 minutes!  I was so excited.  I did the marathon in 3 hours and 25 minutes.  I was so excited that it was over.  It felt like a huge accomplishment and really it was!  

I am so proud of my friends!  They are amazing and I am thankful to see how not only they have overcome 13.11 miles, but how they have overcome some insanely crazy times in their lives.  
It shows me God's amazing mercy and grace.  And it shows me that with God all things are possible. 
So if I can do it, you can do it!  I am sure of it!   

When I returned home Sunday night, my wonderful kids and husband created a banner and decorated the outside of the house for me.  I did not cry at the half marathon!  But I did cry when I came home to these decorations.  How sweet and man did I miss my sweet Page and sweet kiddos! 

The Birthday Date

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I asked Page what he would like for his birthday, he said a day away with me and dinner.  So, of course I arranged it! That request made me super happy, because that is talking my love language.........time together!  It was like it was my birthday! Ha!  Anyhow, we went to Animal Kingdom and then to dinner at Sanna at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  The Naan bread was amazing!  And our time together was FABULOUS!  We rode the Safari at Animal Kingdom and after dinner we went to Hollywood Studios, and rode Star Tours a few times!