Magic Kingdom

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 12:44 PM

 The most magical place on earth!
Tuesdays are the days around here that we do not have an extra curricular activity at present.  So Tuesdays have been some school work in the car and go play days!  

Thankful that we can play at the most magical place on earth! 

 I enjoy spending time with the kids, just playing!  I love enjoying time together. I know times like this will only last so long.  I witnessed this time passing this past week, while taking Hezekiah to his 12 year old well check.  There was a wee little one getting weighed in the bucket seat, while my big guy was getting weighed on the scale.  I ooohhed & ahhhed, and said, "Oh, Hezekiah, I remember when you were that little."  These days of childhood last only so long..........I desire to preserve childhood for my kids as long as possible!  
So, if I am at Disney with my kids you know why! 
I am just preserving childhood!   


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