Need to Breathe

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We drove up to St. Augustine yesterday to see Need to Breathe, we met some of our Compadres there at the Tour De Compadres 2015.  One of these compadres, Myshel and I have seen Need to Breathe a couple times together.  Page (my ultimate compadre) and I have seen them in concert a few times too.  I think Mark was the only one who had not seen them in concert we are hoping he enjoyed it.  

Umm, I think this is the 6th or 7th time I have seen Need to Breathe in concert.  I seriously think I am their biggest fan and they did instant message me yesterday, so needless to say we are "friends"!  Ha!  I mean at least I like to think we are all compadres, Need to Breathe and I.  One of these days I will stalk them and maybe meet them in person.  Really in all actuality, I would like my kids to meet them because since they are brothers and all I think it would be neat for my boys to meet them since they have to listen to their songs every day in my car and Magpie likes to sing their songs.  So what would be cooler than that?  I mean who is kidding it would be fun to meet them and tell them I like their songs, but I would probably be too star struck to even talk.  

We also got to hear Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Ben Rector, and Colony House.  
But as always Need to Breathe was AWESOMESAUCENESS!  
A most excellent show!
After the show we drove back home, a 2 hour drive there and back.  We are so thankful to some sweet friends, Sarah and Tracey who willingly hung out with our kiddos and babysat.  Two of our kiddos were fearful of not getting huggies and kissies from Mommy and Daddy before they went to sleep.  We had two boys who were still awake waiting for us to get home, but one little girl fell asleep waiting up for us.  But thanks to Sarah and Tracey the kids survived and even slept in this morning.  We were super thankful for this time to go see a band we really enjoy and just to spend some time together.  It was a wonderful blessing. 

Celebrating 7 - Not sure how that is possible!

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This coming Thursday this kid will be 7 years old.  My mother's day gift so few years ago.  I remember the day, I was having contractions and thought to myself, "I need to call my friend Cindy."  So, my sweet friend Cindy Mugge came and hung out with Hezekiah and Eli that late morning and Magpie arrived that afternoon.  Those brothers were certainly excited to meet her! 

This one scared us though, she had the cord wrapped around her little neck.  The doctor told us, "If this was your first child, we would have you in for a C-section right now."  Well, fast-forward 30 minutes later with an epidural that praise the Lord did not take on one side, this little girl entered the world.   Yes, this world has never been the same.  And I am so thankful she is my baby girl. 

Today we got to celebrate with her little friends.  Friends that she always asks, can so and so come over to play.  Seriously, I would have to have a play date everyday if this child planned our calendar or even if her brothers planned the calendar.  We are very grateful for the families that came out to help us celebrate Maggie Beth turning 7.  It was a beautiful day, with a fun time playing in the water, jumping off diving boards, and playing Sharks and Minnows.  Thank you sweet friends for sharing this time with us. 

Wycliffe Bible Translators

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Friday we went over to Wycliffe Bible Translators, the kids have read several of the books that they have published about missionaries who have gone into areas where the Bible is not in the native tongue and needs to be translated.  While there we listened to a missionary who was stationed in Thailand and we learned some words in Thai and at the end were able to read a sentence in Thai.  Hezekiah, Maggie, and Eli got the examples down from the language a lot easier than Page and I.  We also had another person guide us around the discovery center. 

In the discovery center there are several examples of cultures where the verse John 3:16 is translated into the language of the country.  We learned that there are over 1800 people groups where the Bible has not yet been translated into their native tongue.  We also learned that here in Central Florida there are over 146 languages that are spoken.  Wycliffe actually has missionaries that go into the area and find native peoples to do the translation, with the missionaries help. 

We learned about the findings of the Dead Sea scrolls, and about the first Bible translations in different countries.  Wycliffe was the first to translate the Bible into English. 

We also learned that each culture has a different way of counting.  For example this is how they count in Papua New Guinea.  We also learned about different inflections and how some people groups communicate with whistles, or by pronouncing the word using different parts of their speaking voice either from their throat, nose, or chest.  Where it may be the same word, but it is spoken using a nasal tone, chest tone, or throat tone.  It was crazy.