Morning Collages

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 Eli's collage
 Maggie's collage
Hezekiah's collage 

Retro Cabana Bay - Why do we have to leave day...

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I am not sure what your family does the final morning of your stay somewhere.  I mean your family may sleep in.  Our family, not so much.  I mean if it was up to me, Eli, and Maggie (somedays for Eli and Maggie), we might sleep.  But there are two early birds in our midst.  Which is good on those last days of vacation.  Because if we slept, we would miss out on packing quickly, getting everything out of the room and into our car and then hang out in the lazy river, the pool, or play foosball, until we are totally having to leave.  So you may have guessed it, we like to make the most of our final hours and play. 

Alas, a cheesy foot picture of Page and I!  :)

Sea World and Galaxy Bowling at Cabana Bay

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One of the afternoons we went a few miles down International drive to spend some time at Sea World.  We got to see the new Clyde and Seamore show, Sea Lion High.  We also rode Atlantis a couple times and rode the penguin encounter ride. 

When we returned the kids played a couple games of bowling, this bowling alley is at the resort.  There were some crazy throws with those bowling balls.  They crack me up. 

We ended our evening back at the pool.  They also do movies by the pools, this night they were showing Despicable Me 2, and also Transformers.  We got to see a bit of the Transformers movie, since we "had" to go back over to the lazy river. 

Universal City Walk

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During our stay at Cabana Bay we headed over to Universal 
City Walk.
It has been years since I have been there, the years prior to Hezekiah's birth. 
I am pretty sure the last time I was at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure and City Walk was with a group of teenagers for Rock the Universe. 

Cabana Bay Lazy River

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 Let me count the ways I love the lazy river........
1.  I blissfully got to lounge as the water gently moved me and my 
     inner tube around.
2.  I got to laugh at my children and poor husband as he was  
     mauled by our children who apparently have no clue what "lazy"
     means in the lazy river.  
3.  It was so relaxing. Especially in the late evening and early 
4.  Everyone got along for the most part in the lazy river (if that
     only happened all the time). 
5.  The colors of the inner tubes, just made me smile.  I mean
     seriously those are some happy colors!
6.  Page captured some amazing photos on this lazy river.  
7.  It was nice to be together! Sometimes I even got to carry on a 
     conversation with my sweet husband.