Harbour Branch Field Trip

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Yesterday I took my kids, our friend Sarah, and the students that I have the pleasure of teaching at Community to Harbour Branch Oceanographic Institute on a field trip.

My children and the students watched a couple shows,  one was on the research done at Harbour Branch, and also on Winter the dolphin that was found in the Indian River Lagoon, they were the first on site to rescue the dolphin.  While I took the students from Community over to do the water quality testing and see the submersible, my kids got to explore the touch tank and did some other activities with one of the teachers on site, also our friend Sarah stayed with my kiddos so they would feel comfortable since I had to go with the older kids. 

 Aquaculture,  they grow Tilapia and apple snails. 
 The Marine Science students had the opportunity (because they are over 10) to go over to the facilities side of Harbour Branch to do water quality testing and check out some oceanography tools including a sub. 

 The students, principal, and myself also got to use a refractometer to find the salinity of the water and we measured the dissolved oxygen. 

 Water quality testing using a secchi disk and secchi tube with a disk at the bottom to find the turbidity of the water.

 Underwater windmill, to use in currents to hopefully generate electricity using the Gulf Stream.


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