Potential versus Kinetic Energy Lesson

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When Maggie Beth was in preschool, her 3 - 4 year old classroom, her sweet teacher asked her, Maggie Beth are you coming to preschool next year?  Maggie Beth said to her, "Nope, I am going to Disney World!"  Ha!!  Well, she did go to preschool that next year, but we will just say Disney schooling is this year in Kindergarten, and 2nd grade for Eli, and 4th grade for Hezekiah.  

The lesson for today happened to be potential versus kinetic energy for my 4th grader, in his textbook example was a roller coaster.  So he yelled out today which energy was which when we rode 3 roller coasters, The Barnstormer, Big Thunder, and Space Mountain.  Now three roller coasters were not really on my lesson plan and I am going to say that out of the 3 roller coasters I actually heard the yelling of potential and kinetic energy yelled out at the appropriate times.  But on 2 of the other roller coasters, I have to admit there was lots of yelling from the two seated in front of me.  

 So while we studied potential versus kinetic energy, we studied that energy of motion in a few other ways too.  I mean since we are at it, might as well ride some more rides that involve that energy of motion!!!  And learn how energy can change from one form to another.
 Cute Conductor huh?

 While hanging out at Magic Kingdom, we also got treated as royalty today.  We got a ride to Cinderella's castle down main street.  Each of the kids got a turn in the front seat.  Maggie, since she is a little princess, got dropped off at Cinderella's castle in style.  This driver was super nice!  He even gave the kids a ton of Mickey stickers. 


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