Fort Wilderness - Friday 1/3

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 6:32 PM

 Friday morning we went over to Fort Wilderness.  We met 3 other families over there to enjoy a weekend of camping.  We were greeted with our official Disney bracelets, with our names and all!  So exciting! 

The kids really enjoy playing around the campsite.  Our site was just a ways down from the our friends, so the kids had such a good time running back and forth and riding their scooters.  
Sticks were the weapon of choice. 
Maggie Beth of course helped Page and I set up camp!

 After setting up camp, Page, the kids and I headed over to Hollywood Studios to ride a couple rides.  Page then had to return early to move the car so our beloved friends the Clicks could move their pop up in to place.  While he headed back I stayed and rode a ride with the kids.  Then we headed back to camp to have dinner. 
With our handy-dandy bracelets I had already arranged 3 fast passes per day, so we would just return later in the evening to ride the rides we had reserved. 

 Later that evening we went to the Indiana Jones show and Page was an extra!!!  It was so awesome!  He cracked us up because the lady made him do a dance.  Oh, and I have the video to prove it! 

 We also got to see my favorite lights ever!!!!  I love, love, love these dancing lights and the magical Disney bubble snow!  Makes it feel like Christmas all over!!!

 Oh, and did I forget to mention that we were freezing?  And not only freezing but we had to camp in it later that night??? 
 It was super cold!!!! 


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