Eli's First Day of Pottery Class

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Eli has been waiting for this day.

His first day of pottery.

He is one of my little artists

(I am kind of jealous.......I too would like to take pottery!)

He threw three bowls on the wheel yesterday.

He informed me how you had to hold your thumb and hand to make the clay move and mold the way you wanted it to.

He is a deep thinker.

I know it does not look like he is really excited in the pictures below........but he was and this morning all he talked about was that he now "needs a wheel." 

Eli often goes outside in the garage with Page.  Page has a new to him wood lathe.

Eli enjoyed watching Page turn some wood pens this past weekend.

So we explained to him that turning the wood would be similar to what he was doing turning the clay. 

Pretty cool.

What is even cooler is what God plans.

This morning after an evening of pottery we read in Jeremiah 18, about how Jeremiah was sent to the potter's house

to receive a message.

Jeremiah 18:3, So I went down to the potter's house.  I saw him working at his wheel.  His hands were shaping a pot out of clay. 

Verse 6, "People of Israel, I can do with you just as this potter does," announces the Lord.  "The clay is in the potter's hand.  And you are in my hand, people of Israel......"


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