Art Festival

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, April 30, 2012 at 11:09 AM

We went downtown to the annual art festival.

We have been going to this art festival for years, prior to kids Page and I would stroll leisurely looking at all the exhibits.

My favorite exhibits being the blown glass bulbs.

Nowadays, we stroll quickly with three kids, one in a stroller, two walking quickly.  We glance at each of the vendors booths and our eyes will capture something we find interesting, we  have to stop our whole entourage and look.  We have to remind our children not to touch, just to look with their eyes.  Other times our children's eyes are lured in by artist booths that are colorful or have funny pictures.

My other favorite part of the annual art festival is the kids area.  I like seeing what our kids create.

The kids were looking forward to throwing on the wheel, but they were not there this year or we missed them.

Anyhow, they enjoyed creating their own works of art and best of all their works of art were free! 


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