Thanks Grandma & Papaw

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, July 29, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Grandma and Papaw got to visit with us for a few days. 

We had a great time and thank you Grandma and Papaw for visiting us!!!

A few things to note for Mamaw and Papaw's visit:

Eli declares, "Mamaw and Papaw have to stay 10 days next time."

Maggie Beth says, "Dat Papaw is a good Papaw." (for replacing all our burnt out light bulbs)

Eli says, "For Papaw's birthday I am going to get him 1000 jars of peanut butter, but do not tell him it is a surprise."

Maggie Beth regarding Papaw's like of peanut butter says, "I am gonna hide the peanut butter from Papaw."

Hezekiah regarding Papaw's like of peanut butter, "Mommy, Papaw is taking all the peanut butter!"

What I learned about my children, they need to share their peanut butter!!!

Maggie Beth regarding grandma, "Grandma is silly, no Grandma is not silly, Grandma is silly."

Maggie Beth wants grandma to find her sparkly jewels.

Hezekiah and Eli enjoy tickle monster with grandpa.  

All in all, we just want to know when Grandma and Papaw are returning. 

We love you Grandma and Papaw!


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