Magic Kingdom

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Maybe schooling this year should be done at the Magic Kingdom or all the Disney Parks for that matter?

As I roamed about yesterday with the fam, my mind glistened with lessons and ideas (and sweat....).

I mean why not? 

There is a lot to learn about animation, the Hall of the Presidents, Tom Sawyer (of which we are related to Mark Twain), physics = roller coasters, just think the potential!!!  So not only am I thrilled with the whole experience of the Magic of Disney.........but I am also ecstatic about what we will come up with to learn about in addition to our curriculum this year. 

Hezekiah and Eli were scared by a robotic trashcan in Tomorrowland.

And it is always fun to share the memories you had as a child going to Disney with your children.  For example, saying, "When I was a little girl I remember riding Thunder mountain and Space Mountain and seeing the Country Bear Jamboree!"

Page of course has more childhood memories than me, since he grew up here and visited with his daddy before the park even was open to the public. 

But there is something special about Disney and I am forever grateful that I get to share these experiences with my kids and make new memories with my sweet little family. 

Thank you God!


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