To Moms without Boys

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Hello my friend, yes, you who do not have a young boy in your household.  Oh, the pleasures and mischievousness that you miss out on. You really do not understand the difference between boys and girls. And now that I have a little darling girl, I see why girls are described as princesses and as angels. Because compared to my little dare devils she is, she is sweet and tender and innocent.

With boys it is different. Oh my friend who is a mother of girls, you have got it easy! But I have been told the teenage years are where I will pay for it! Well, until then I will give you a bit of insight into the world of a mommy with boys. Boys that I dearly love and who give me so much joy! I praise God for them because it makes me totally not sedentary!

*  The wrestling that lasts the entire day.
*  The poops that get described as Larry the Cucumber or as "Oh, mommy you've gotta see this it is a big one!"
*  The insect that has been in their bug collector for a year that still gets inspected almost three times a month to see if there are any changes.
*  The references to bum, shake my bum, my belly button is the craziest belly button, or spanking each other on the bum and laughing.
*  Superhero costumes put on each day and taken off, put on and taken off, put on and taken off countless times during the day to only jump on and off random pieces of furniture.
*  Countless injuries either that occur from jumping off random pieces of furniture, running into walls or furniture or each other, & given to by a brother accidentally or intentionally hitting the other/kicking the other/or poking the other.
*  Missing teeth or chipped teeth.
*  Scars that can be remembered by where and when you were either on vacation or at a play date.
*  Blood........lots of it!
*  Loud, Loud, and Loud! Lots of noise, funny noises, weird noises, and bodily noises.
*  Dirt.........hmmm.....dirt from who knows where even if you have not been outside that day. Somehow the dirt, it is found and played with.
*  Clothes that want to be worn with stains and dirt all over it because well it is their favorite.
*  Patches, many patches in the knees of their little pants. I honestly do not know how many patches I have put in Hezekiah's britches.
*  The literal bouncing off the walls. I mean just craziness. If you have seen my little guys you know what I mean. Just super silly!
*  Boogers that are given to mommy to dispose of.
*  Power ranger moves.

Just always on the move until they pass out in their beds at night and so does their mommy!

I love you my energetic little boys! You keep me on my toes and who knows what you have gotten past me, sneaky boys!

An Evening at the Beach

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Well the beach for those of you who do not live here is real close we are just across the river maybe 6 miles away so we go over the causeway to get there. So, if you are planning a visit to Florida you are welcome to stay at our house with our crazy kids! As long as you do not mind we do not mind. But anyhow, we decided to go over this evening to the beach, which I prefer because it gets so stinking hot during the day. We had a nice evening and Page had the opportunity to take some shots of the kids playing. They have such a great time.

Oh Maggie Beth! I Love you!

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My precious little girl is so beautiful! Oh how I love her and sometimes wonder why God has chose to bless me so much with such a beautiful family and ultra awesome husband! I am really blessed! Thank you Lord that you love me so much to bestow me this honor.

Some of Page's Recent Pictures

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We went to a birthday party over on the beach last night and here are
some shots of Maggie Beth and Eli.

Hezekiah and 6:30 a.m.

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My little man, Hezekiah has been going to Crocodile Dock VBS this week with his friend who invited him to come along. Well, he has been having a blast! I also love Group Publishing and their VBS material, well all of the material I really like! Anyhow, he was up at 6:30 Tuesday morning, dressed and ready to go to VBS. The problem was VBS was not until 9. Crack me up. Well, not only was he up, dressed and had his bracelet on that he had gotten from VBS, but he also had his little brothers clothes ready and it appeared that he had been rummaging around in Maggie Beth's room too for clothes for her. My little buddy so cute and so excited. And the reason why I like Group's materials is that the message is so simple for the kids to get, the Bible story and the verse for each day is so easy and practical. He has been able to tell me what they have learned about each day and then I am able to expand on that at home. Prior to having children I did 3 VBS's at a church we attended and we used their materials there and I was so impressed and I am now even more impressed since I can see how my little boy can benefit from their lessons! Way to go Group Publishing!

Dough boys

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We have been reading Mary Engelbreit's Nursery Tales, it is a collection of children's classic stories. Anyhow the boys have enjoyed reading these and it has taken me back to the times when I first read a lot of these classics and the illustrations I saw. I really like Mary Engelbreit's colors and artwork, so they are cute illustrations of the stories. Anyhow we made dough boys, close to the gingerbread least the best I could come up with but we were actually able to eat the gingerbread men! We put cinnamon and sugar on them.

Cone Creations

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My battery on my camera died again so it has been awhile since I uploaded some fun things we have been creating or making for some summertime fun! Here are our cone creations that were fun to eat.  Especially the icing! My kids crack me up because they try to sneak the food that they are suppose to be decorating with. Silly boys!

Maggie Beth's Dress

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This dress my mom made for Maggie Beth before she was born. She wore it last week to church. Too adorable! There is a little hat that goes with it, but Maggie Beth kept taking it off her little head. I have another picture of her after she had her nap and she somehow slipped out of her little dress and just had her bloomers on. Too funny. That little girl cracks me up!

Things I Love

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Things I love: an inconclusive list of things I love about my family and
random other things that somehow got in there:

Time and cuddles with my husband. The quiet at 8 p.m. when the kids have
gone to bed and I get to be with Page.

Kisses from Eli, one on the forehead, one on the right cheek, one on the
left cheek, one on the lips, and one on the chin……..whenever we depart
from one another.

Tickling necks at night before Hezekiah and Eli go to sleep. I
especially love the hug and kiss I receive from Hezekiah each night.

When Maggie Beth wakes up in the morning and lets me wrap a snuggly
blanket around her and cuddle her with her head on my shoulder.

That my sug loves me and greets me with a hug and a kiss and when we
depart waits for me to kiss him, never in a rush to leave without one.

The belly laugh Maggie Beth gives me when I tickle her with my hair and
when her brothers chase her.

Watching Page tickle, wrestle, and love our children.

Peanut butter M&M's. Vanilla yogurt and a plain crossiant.

Teaching Hezekiah to read and watching his little mind work and the
funny questions he asks me about the story or the words.

Watching Eli color and work on his master pieces.

Seeing Maggie Beth walk around, toddling. Those little legs just moving
back and forth. How she says belly button, "bewwy buttin" and lifts her
shirt and points to it.

The way my Eli talks and says his r's, l's and w's.

That my husband gets up at 5:45 a.m. each day so he can be home early to
be with me and our family and that his work allows him that opportunity.

How Eli sucks his thumb and loves his britches.

When Hezekiah gets so excited about a new toy and grins from ear to ear
and jumps up and down.

When Eli says, Huggies! Meaning he wants hugs.

When Hezekiah talks to Maggie Beth and his voice gets higher, and he
says, "Hey little girl."

When I hear the words from my family, "I love you, honey, mommy, or
whatever nickname I have at the moment."

Hezekiah has washies, little washcloths that he has had since he was a
baby. I love watching my children sleep and seeing them with their
babies (stuffed animals, washies, britches, etc.) It is so adorable.

Sneaking kisses.

My Adriondack chair, my frames, my little red table, magazine rack, and
banana holder. All things Page has loving made for me.

Hot showers.

Maggie Beth's curls.

The way Page holds my hand.

Snuggle and reading time in the white chair before the kids go to sleep.

My husband's pictures he takes of our family.

(more items to be added later!)

Just some items that I love and never want to forget!

What Not to Wear! Seriously!

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What not to wear.

An issue of modesty.

I Timothy 2:9-10 -- in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves
in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair
or gold or pearls or costly clothing; but, which is proper for women
professing godliness, with good works.

Proverbs 31:30 -- Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman
who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

Alright, I have decided to write on an issue that I think most of us
throw to the wayside at times. But I have felt led to write about this
for a time because as women, we at least, I know I need to be reminded
that some things should not be worn in public but instead saved for the
privacy of your own home and for your own husband. I get annoyed at what
I see on occasion at a place of worship and always at what I see in the
mall. I am often wanting to cover my young boys eyes when I walk through
a mall and try to avoid the mall at all costs because of the indecency
of dress on the advertisements and on adult/teen/and young women. I find
it also hard to deal with when I am in a place of worship and want to
hide my children's and or husbands eyes from what they have to see.
Sometimes I am just like, "Please put some clothes on, not only for my
sake but also for the man's sake." If women really realized how what
they are wearing or not wearing affects others I think that women would
think twice. I heard once that what you are wearing may cause your
brother in Christ to sin. Which is true. That is why there it is such a
hard time for guys and even some girls with what men wear at times for
Satan to attack them with thoughts of lust and why internet pornography
and adultery is rampant not only among our unsaved friends but for our
Christian friends. I feel the church has run away from discussing how to
guard ourselves with the Word, through prayer, and accountability. But I
also think we as Christian women have failed to uphold a modest standard
too. I ask myself often, would I let Maggie Beth wear what I am about to
put on in public? If not, then maybe I should not wear that strapless
dress or spaghetti strapped blouse that shows too much of the chest
area, or that skirt that is cut a little too high. Your husband might
like it but what is reserved for your spouse is for your spouse not for
the whole world to witness. God created that for your marriage between
you and your spouse a wonderful gift. Now I think it is wonderful to
dress nicely and take care of yourself, whatever you choose, products
such as make-up, whatever………but please put some clothes on. Actually we
are commanded to take care of ourselves because we are God's Holy
temple. I Corinthians 6:19, states: "Or do you not know that your body
is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God,
and you are not your own?" So what God reserved for you and your spouse
do so in honoring His temple. And I also understand the pool and the
beach, but keep it modest.

I often feel that when I witness an inappropriately attired person that
the person wearing the attire is most likely looking for attention,
something that they are not receiving at home. I often try to pray for
the individual and ask God to help them understand the consequences of
indecent apparel. But I also wonder sometimes why the husband or father
does not say anything to their wife or daughter because they know how
men's minds work. One book that I know my husband has read and several
other men is Everyman's battle. We have waged war not against flesh and
blood but against the enemy. Satan, the enemy will try to deceive you
into wearing something that may cause you to try to get attention that
you may not really desire dear sister. Have you ever thought of it that
way? What is it that causes you to wear clothes that reveal too much,
have you tried to understand what the issue is in your heart? I also
have spoke about this several times, bringing it up in Bible study
classes or with friends and a lot of times I get well that is legalistic
or they think it is judgmental. I am not being either seriously, I am
not. I just think we need to guard our marriages, our children, from the
attacks of the enemy and not be used as tools of the enemy. I have
failed in my walk, but am aspiring to do better perhaps you will join me.

Hi Wittle Worm!

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Eli went digging for worms in Ohio with Page, aka Daddy, Hezekiah and Schon one morning. I think these pictures are too cute. Eli kept saying, "Mommy, we saw worms, Daddy long legs, and wolly pollies (rolly pollies.......little pill bugs) and they woll up into a ball." When we went on our hike later that morning, we found more wolly pollies, daddy long legs, worms, and mushrooms.


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To break the trip up to Florida on the 4th we stopped in Valdosta.  Again we went swimming and had dinner, we got ice cream too and Maggie Beth really enjoyed her ice cream, well mommy's ice cream. She dug her mouth into the ice cream and it was dripping off her chin! What a sweet baby!


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From Ohio we headed South to Chattanooga! We went to the Aquarium and saw both the freshwater and saltwater aquariums that were there. It was really neat and the downtown area was really nice. We went back to our hotel and went swimming then we got ready to go to dinner and on our way to dinner Hezekiah, while we were walking down the hallway of the hotel, was goofing off and had his eyes closed and he ran right into a door frame. Poor kid had to go to the ER, and thankfully Page and Hezekiah were there for only 2 hours. We all went to the hospital and then I took Eli and Maggie Beth back to the hotel and got dinner, we played bubbles and watched Wheel of Fortune! CMU! I never get to watch that show and I really like it! So, Hezekiah ended up getting 6-9 stitches,  Page said he stopped counting after 6. So Hezekiah is going to have scars for vacations, 2 years ago he cut his knee open on a pile of rocks in Virginia and still has a nice scar there too.

Roasting Marshmallows

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We roasted marshmallows one evening with Mamaw and Papaw!

Ohio More Pictures

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The weather in Ohio was awesome, highs of 72 ish and lows around 58, so we spent every moment outside while we were there. Mom had gotten the boys a cart and tricycles to ride, a wagon for Maggie Beth to be pulled. I showed my boys all the places I loved to play when I was a kid and trees I liked to climb. We also went to the park and went on a hike on a trail nearby my parents home. We played some Corn hole too.

Middletown, Ohio - 2nd stop

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From Travelers Rest, near Greenville South Carolina we traveled to Ohio to see my parents and my niece and nephew were staying with my parents for an additional day. So here are the boys with Schon and Vanessa with Maggie Beth.

Greenville - 1st Stop

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Greenville was our first stop on our road trip. Thankfully we made it there on Saturday in the afternoon. The friends we stayed with there live near Look Up Lodge, a camp and so we toured the camp and had the opportunity to go swimming in the lake one afternoon. Here are some pictures of the kids, they really enjoyed playing with their friends and I was really impressed with how everyone got along. We went to Hendersonville, North Carolina to do pottery one morning with the kids. There is a picture of all the kids that were along for the adventure.  Crack me up! We look like a day care or something.