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From Ohio we headed South to Chattanooga! We went to the Aquarium and saw both the freshwater and saltwater aquariums that were there. It was really neat and the downtown area was really nice. We went back to our hotel and went swimming then we got ready to go to dinner and on our way to dinner Hezekiah, while we were walking down the hallway of the hotel, was goofing off and had his eyes closed and he ran right into a door frame. Poor kid had to go to the ER, and thankfully Page and Hezekiah were there for only 2 hours. We all went to the hospital and then I took Eli and Maggie Beth back to the hotel and got dinner, we played bubbles and watched Wheel of Fortune! CMU! I never get to watch that show and I really like it! So, Hezekiah ended up getting 6-9 stitches,  Page said he stopped counting after 6. So Hezekiah is going to have scars for vacations, 2 years ago he cut his knee open on a pile of rocks in Virginia and still has a nice scar there too.


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