Maggie Beth's Ecuadorian Dress, Eli, Swimming

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Here is Maggie Beth in her Ecuadorian dress that Page picked out for her
while he was there on the mission trip. Eli adores his little sister,
so does Hezekiah but he was too busy playing to get in the picture.
Here is also a picture of Maggie Beth in her swimming pool. She loved it!

Do I really want to share this information?

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We went to the zoo on Monday morning and I am really not sure if I want
to share this information or not because I think it is my new secret
thing to do with my children early Monday mornings.........but I will
share just in case there are friends out there who would like to meet us
there. We get to the zoo and go around the rain forest area first and
then at 10 o'clock we went to the new splash lagoon. WE HAD IT ALL TO
OURSELVES FOR 45 lie! All I can say is, "My children
HAD A BLAST!" It was so much fun. A little chilly I though for Maggie
Beth.....but the boys loved it. We had been to the new area, but till
Monday I thought it was always too cold to get in. So Monday mornings
may have a new routine for us now! Here are the pics! Enjoy!

Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

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Hezekiah lost his bottom left tooth the other night! It was super
wiggly. The tooth fairy gave him 4 quarters. He noticed at 2:42 a.m.
that the tooth fairy had arrived and made us aware of his new found funds!

Brothers and Sister

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We went to a wedding last night and here are the kiddos all dressed up.
These were going to be their new Easter outfits, however, we were a bit
under the weather last Sunday. They are too cute!

Why I love to go to Wal-Mart

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This evening I ventured to Wal-Mart with 3 children in tow to create a
care package for a friend. So Why do I love Wal-Mart so much? Well, it
has to be because there are so many interesting people and things at
Wal-Mart. While going down the 1/2 off leftover Easter aisle I hear
some obnoxious yelling, a man's voice, over near the meat area (which
thankfully is a few aisles away from me, it kind of scared me a bit
since I had 3 children with me and the lady next to me also kind of
looked in the direction of the yelling and then looked at me with wide
eyes. So, I was pretty much finished with my shopping so I head the
other direction toward the plants and outdoor area to pay and exit the
building. As I am paying I smell this stinky smell, like a skunk,
seriously. And I am like what is that? So, I turn around and this man
has a cart full of plants and man they totally stink up the joint. I
turned and said, "Those plants kind of smell a bit, I thought there was
a skunk in here." And he was like, "Yep, they do kind of smell." So, I
am like well I am glad he agrees and I hope that there is a good reason
why he would want to plant smelly plants in his yard. Anyhow, I leave
and then probably the best reason why I love Wal-Mart.........I am
getting the kids in the car and there are a few interesting people in
the parking lot. First, right next to me is an older gentleman, with
glasses, graying hair, a bit overweight and just sitting in his
car..........and he is an older man. Now, I know I am stereo-typing and
I really should not be surprised by much anymore, but he is listening to
some good sounding Reggae.......and I was like, "Huh? This is not
right." But then I look over and the man with the stinky plants is out
in the parking lot yelling at a young teenager, driving an old souped up
Camaro (pretty cool looking car, totally out of his price range I am
sure, maybe a gift perhaps) and stereo-typically listening to some
Rap.........gangster look, but the smelly plant man starts to yell at
the boy because there is a cart going right toward his car and the boy
with the sweet Camaro hits the cart...........silly boy. The silly boy
thanks smelly plant man for looking out for him and the smelly plant
man, who was older as well, says, "Sweet ride." Which I would never
expect him to say either. So I start to laugh, because I, myself get
into the car roll the windows down and it is just amusing because I turn
up my music loud and I am listening to Fred Hammond and who would think
some 35 year old white girl would be listening to Black Gospel. So,
hopefully my stereo-typical self made others think otherwise of their
stereo-typical selves not being so stereo-typical. Oh, also there were
police with their lights on outside near Chic-fil-A
too...........another reason why I love to venture outside my is always nice to see police in the parking lot of
Wal-Mart when you are exiting, since Wal-Mart and Chic-fil-A are in the
same parking lot pretty much.

Coloring Eggs and Practice Run for Easter Egg Hunt

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Hershey Kisses Bar Graphs

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The Zoo Last week

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Easter Morning Surprises!

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Frozen Water in my Ears

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Poor Hezekiah has allergies. I finally took him to the doctor on
Wednesday, he has been having nose bleeds off and on for the last 3-4
weeks. Nothing too bad thankfully. But for the last few days he has
been complaining about his ears. He told Grandma the other day that
there was frozen water in his ear. When I took him in the doctor said
there is fluid in both of his ears, but there was no
infection......thankfully. I guess that is one way to describe your
ears if they feel stopped up.

Monsters Vs. Aliens

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I forgot to mention we went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens and it was in
3-D, Hezekiah in the movie says, "Mommy, this is a pop out movie!" Too
cute. It was a pretty good movie, a couple things I did not care for
but otherwise made me laugh especially when the President was trying to
communicate with the Alien Spaceship.

This week in a nutshell

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It has been a pretty busy week, I have been trying to stay busy while
Page has been in Ecuador. He is on a mission trip with our church and I
am really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. I have missed him A
LOT. My mom was here and she, as always, is such a wonderful help to me
and I am really grateful that she is able to come love on her
grandchildren and on me! So, that is always super nice. We have
colored eggs, gone on Easter egg hunts, we made graphs with our colored
Hershey kisses, gone to dinner with grandma, gone to the park, gone to
the zoo with friends (2 which were under 10 pounds each, because they
are the cutest little twins), and we have made it to the gym already 4
times this week and contemplating 5 times tomorrow.

Some cute and funny things the kids have said:
On the way home from the zoo, Hezekiah was sticking his foot in Eli's
face and it was so funny, Eli said, "Phew, Hezekiah your sock smells
like a skunk." I started cracking up, I thought it was the funniest
thing and so of course, since I was laughing so much Eli just kept
repeating it. And Hezekiah thought it was funny too and he just kept
laughing. Little Maggie just slept through it all.

Hezekiah has been praying each night to God, "God, please keep my daddy
safe in the jungle." Tonight he prayed, "God, please bring my daddy
home safe tomorrow." Which is my prayer too.

Maggie Beth, I swear has grown a foot this week. My mom and I went
through her clothes and I had to put her in 18 month clothes already
because the 12 month clothes are just too short. She is such a tall
girl. She is built like Hezekiah. Each time we have taken her for her
check ups she is off the chart, over 100 percentile for height. She is
pulling herself up on everything and stands there and I think she just
does not know how to really cruise around the furniture yet because she
just stands there and looks around and after a period of time she starts
to fuss a bit, to say, "Hey, can somebody help me over here?" She is
just too adorable, the sweetest little baby ever! So this is our spring
break. I am so looking forward to seeing my sweet husband and excited
to hear about the mission trip.