This week in a nutshell

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 6:28 PM

It has been a pretty busy week, I have been trying to stay busy while
Page has been in Ecuador. He is on a mission trip with our church and I
am really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. I have missed him A
LOT. My mom was here and she, as always, is such a wonderful help to me
and I am really grateful that she is able to come love on her
grandchildren and on me! So, that is always super nice. We have
colored eggs, gone on Easter egg hunts, we made graphs with our colored
Hershey kisses, gone to dinner with grandma, gone to the park, gone to
the zoo with friends (2 which were under 10 pounds each, because they
are the cutest little twins), and we have made it to the gym already 4
times this week and contemplating 5 times tomorrow.

Some cute and funny things the kids have said:
On the way home from the zoo, Hezekiah was sticking his foot in Eli's
face and it was so funny, Eli said, "Phew, Hezekiah your sock smells
like a skunk." I started cracking up, I thought it was the funniest
thing and so of course, since I was laughing so much Eli just kept
repeating it. And Hezekiah thought it was funny too and he just kept
laughing. Little Maggie just slept through it all.

Hezekiah has been praying each night to God, "God, please keep my daddy
safe in the jungle." Tonight he prayed, "God, please bring my daddy
home safe tomorrow." Which is my prayer too.

Maggie Beth, I swear has grown a foot this week. My mom and I went
through her clothes and I had to put her in 18 month clothes already
because the 12 month clothes are just too short. She is such a tall
girl. She is built like Hezekiah. Each time we have taken her for her
check ups she is off the chart, over 100 percentile for height. She is
pulling herself up on everything and stands there and I think she just
does not know how to really cruise around the furniture yet because she
just stands there and looks around and after a period of time she starts
to fuss a bit, to say, "Hey, can somebody help me over here?" She is
just too adorable, the sweetest little baby ever! So this is our spring
break. I am so looking forward to seeing my sweet husband and excited
to hear about the mission trip.


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