Don't forget your keys!

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, December 2, 2008 at 6:59 AM

We had a stay at the house type of holiday with colds, hacking, runny noses. Fun stuff. We had a nice Thanksgiving at our friends house, and I did brave Black Friday, but only at 8 in the morning and still got the deals I wanted. But other than that it was nice to spend time together, playing outside and decorating our home for Christmas. It is so cute to see the kids get so excited and watch them help decorate the Christmas tree and help place all the decor, it is so funny because there are all new things to play with that they have not seen for a whole year!!! Hezekiah was ready to have Christmas, but Eli reminded us that, "But we don't have da pwesents yet!" "We have to get da pwesents unda da twee." Page is like, That's my kid!" Because each year the presents TAUNT my sweet Page.

Hezekiah and daddy even played a full game of Star Wars trivial pursuit over our break.

Eli's new thing after he thanks God each night for Mamaw and Papaw and Popcorn, he tells us, "Don't forget your keys!" Every night he has been telling Page and I to not forget our keys? Why, we do not know..........but we better not forget them.


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