Gaylord Palms Get away!

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 2:47 PM

Well, we survived my little birthday/family get away! It was so much
fun and also was nice to stay in such a nice resort, 4 Stars! Woo Hoo!
We played at the pool and walked around the Gaylord Palms resort which
has so much to see. We played in the game arcade games that move, way
more cool than when I was a kid. We also got to use the La Petite Kid
Care for a couple hours for the boys and they absolutely loved it!
There was this huge indoor play area and they also had toys galore in
all these cute different stations.......personally I wanted to stay and
play too! I think we will definitely have to return when Maggie Beth
turns 3 and she can attend too! The pool though was really great and
Hezekiah must have gone down the octopus slide a bagillion times!!! NO
KIDDING!! I got to got down a few of the times with him, but Page
mostly got the opportunity! Eli hung out with me and Maggie in the
shallow area of the pool. Maggie slept one day while we were out there,
but the next day she was a swimming away, what a little kicker! We also
had dinner in the Key West area at a place called Sunset Sam's Fish Camp
and we ate on the sail boat.........Page had a great dinner of scallops
and I had chicken............go figure! Our room was also beautiful and
we had a balcony view! Hezekiah said he wanted to stay for 44
days.........if we could only afford to!


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