James The Red Engine

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It has been a busy week, with Hezekiah going back to preschool this
week. The first day after his day at school he got into the car and
yelled, "Mommy, I growed crocodiles today!" Then on Thursday he said,
"Mommy, I want to go to school for 100 days!" He goes 3 days a week
from 9-12, and he is really really enjoying it!

Page took some cute pictures of Maggie too, that I had to share.

Eli and Hezekiah also had an interesting argument I thought I would
share. I was making dinner the other night so Page had parenting
duty.......which I guess we both have, but it is easier for him to take
care of the disagreements between children while I am cooking than me
take care of the squabbles. So I was cooking and then out of the family
room I hear both boys crying and screaming over a toy. Well, it happens
to be James the Red Engine. Now, thanks to grandma we have 2 James.
So, Page is like, "Guys, come on we have 2 James' and they are the
same. Hezekiah you can have one and Eli can have one." Hezekiah
protests, "No, but my James has eyebrows." Page is like, "What? Now
come on, let me see those James'." So Page picks up both of the James
the Red Engine cars and to no avail, one James does have eyebrows and
the other does not. Can you believe it? So, if you did not notice the
difference in the picture above.........check it out. Some poor person
making James left off the eyebrows.........I am surprised it even passed
inspection. It truly amazes me that my children study their toys to
that extent.........knowing every little detail. So Eli now wants the
one with eye brows too, so Page gets out a black magic marker to put eye
brows on it and he is successful, but then Eli changes his mind. Page
said he had to wipe off the eye brows with his spit! So, it was so
funny........Eli woke up and the next morning and he said, "Mommy, my
James gots ouw bwows." The things you do for your children.


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