Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2016

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This year we have been over to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.  The food selections are pretty amazing!  My favorite is Greece.  We also went over to the Ghiardelli Chocolate area at the festival and checked out the process of creating the luscious Ghiardelli chocolate and we saw some chocolate sculptures done by the chefs in some of the Disney Resorts. 

Hurricane Matthew Evacuation

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In October Hurricane Matthew was looming, coming toward Melbourne.  We evacuated, not knowing what we might return to.  Our precious friends welcomed us into their home.  They also welcomed us 11 years ago during another hurricane season, we both had babies at the time.  Hezekiah 6 months, their baby girl a couple months old.  So, from caring for babies to pre-teen boys and a girl and the cute bond of 8 year-old girls keeping themselves occupied the entire time we were there............we busied ourselves trying to keep our mind off the storm knocking at our door step.  And our home, survived.  It did.  Praise the Lord.  What a mighty answer to prayer that our whole town was not torn apart.  At last minute that storm wobbled and went away from Melbourne.  Our God is pretty AMAZING!

Hollywood Studios - Mickey and the Red Carpet

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Swim Team Post

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August to the end of October we spent many days swimming.  The kids are really improving.  Lots of advancements in their times and placed very well.  There were 57 swimmers that practiced with us, about 8 who did not compete.  That is a bunch of kids participating on a homeschool swim team.  The families and kids are amazing!  What a wonderful group to swim with.

My Birthday!

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 We got to celebrate my birthday at the Magic Kingdom!  My favorite of the parks!  I love how it was decorated for Fall.  The decorations at Magic Kingdom for the holidays are my favorite, especially Christmas.