Foosaner Art Camp

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 6:14 PM

Last week these three went to art camp in the afternoons from 1-4 p.m.  They really enjoyed it and their work displays that. They each choose one piece of art to display in the art show at the end of the summer, so I am looking forward to seeing the piece they chose at their big reveal.  
The camp was called Pop Art from the works of Andy Warhol.  
The other artist they learned about was Jim Dine.  

Their week included prints, making prints, silk screen, and stamping.  There are several other works of art too including some collage work and shadowing. 

Maggie enjoyed the bubble wrap printing and the shaving cream mixed with water colors or food colors, she talked about this pretty much all week. 

 I really like the guy eating cake!

The above piece is melted crayon, with collage.  The piece below is of the Eau Gallie stage area downtown.  We saw Rise Worship there and so Eli drew the band and added some collage with the flags from a magazine. 

Hezekiah made a silk screen of a Jurassic World (dinosaur) on his t-shirt.  He did some shadowing with tools and he also created a tomato plant that is going to be in the art show. 


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