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This afternoon we went over to check out the manatees off of Desoto Parkway,  in Satellite Beach.  My parents went over with the kids and I.  It was amazing to see so many manatees in one area.  It was so neat to hear them lift up their little noses to breathe.  Amazing!  

Populations Studies in the Rocky Intertidal Zones

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 Just doing some population studies of the organisms in the rocky intertidal zone. 

Rocky & Sandy Intertidal Zones

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In science we have been studying intertidal zones, the boys created rocky intertidal zones with playdoh, labeled their zones and we talked about how God designed these organisms to withstand a very harsh environment. 

 Then with construction paper they created sandy intertidal zones, where organisms have to burrow into the sand.  They learned that these organisms are called infauna. 
Psalm 89:9  You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.

Name That Video Game

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There is probably nothing cooler than playing a game your kid created! 
This week one of Hezekiah's assignments was to come up with a board game.  He designed the concept for this board game all by himself.  His board game is called Name that Video Game.  He created the board, the rules, and told me his idea for the question cards.  The only thing I helped him with was looking up each video game on the computer and printing out the question that goes along with each question card.  You roll your dice, land on a one or a two, if you land on a one you get a question card from the one pile and same for the two, and if you answer the question correctly you get to stay on the spot your die got you to.  If you do not answer it correctly you have to move back from where you came.  We played it this evening and it was really fun and I was surprised I even got some of the answers right. 

 You did an awesome job Hezekiah!  I think we need to try and get this created into a published board game.