Kempfer Ranch Swamp Buggy Trip

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Monday, June 9, 2014 at 11:56 AM

Oh my this was fun!
This morning we went on a swamp buggy tour of Kempfer Ranch. 

We saw the Kempfer lumber mill.  They process both Cypress and Pine.

We got to see their cattle,  Angus and Burma.  We learned fun facts about the cattle and  the outbreeding they do to create other breeds. We learned that the Burma sweat through their skin,while the other cattle pant like dogs. 
We also got to check out the coquina quarry. 
 Mr. Hoppy, let each of the kids drive the swamp buggy!  It was awesome.  They did great.  Maggie Beth ran us off into the palm trees a bit, but recovered quite well, above you can see Eli and Hezekiah hugging in fear of their sister driving!

 Mr. Hoppy and his sidekick, Kyle, also were very good sports about our look out for Big Foot.  Apparently, Kyle is apart of the BFRO in Deer Park, where the ranch is located.  So Hezekiah and Kyle did some calls to see if Big Foot would return their calls.  Hoppy and Kyle were awesome with our kids.  Really enjoyed how they played along and created stories.  They were really good sports and fun! 

 We  saw a baby alligator!  We also saw a fawn, raccoon, cattle, and birds. 

 This was a really cool experience and it was fun! I would  highly recommend this tour of the ranch. 


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