Stone Mountain - On Top of the World

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 11:57 AM

 While at Stone Mountain we tried to enjoy all things free, including a fun playground for the kids, the swimming pool (which was short-lived b/c it was freezing), climbing the mountain, and watching the laser show (which is a bit outdated and discombobulated). 

 The trek uphill was fun, the boys seemed to take to it fine.  Hezekiah kept jumping/running trying to keep ahead and up with the other kids or with Beth.  Up Stone Mountain was a bit rough for Maggie though, she fussed a bit, it was not horrible though.  But I was thankful she made it up the mountain, it is something I can remind her of when she thinks something is hard in the future.  I just kept trying to encourage her and told her to take her time.  Page was much more of an encourager to her than I, I am sure. 
 Here we are on top of the world. 
(My sincerest apologies for my hair.......I know it is "lovely".....we were camping and I did not bring a  hair dryer or any means to "style" it -- because we were camping! Oh, I did have a hair tie, should have tried that!)  

 The kids had a funeral for a bee on top of the world.  They were really cute playing on top of Stone Mountain. 
The weather was beautiful, so we sat upon the mountain for awhile. 


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