Botanical Garden at FIT & Ruth Funk Textile Arts

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  Yesterday, with Central Homeschool Fellowship we went to the Botanical Gardens at Florida Tech and did a Scavenger Hunt.  The students were to find a variety of things, such as an example of a dicot leaf, monocot leaf, dicot flower, and monocot flower, moss, a fern, seed pod, etc.  They took photos and in the mean time learned something more about plants (I hope) if not I am sure they had fun talking, falling into the water, running around, and just being kids (those poor unsocialized children)....ha ha ha.....actually they might talk more than socialized children!!!  The scavenger hunt also included the base types, venation types, and apice types on leafs.  The pictures here were taken by Eli and Hezekiah.  

 After the Botanical Garden which is conveniently located next to Ruth Funk Textile Museum, we switched with the older kids and did a scavenger hunt in the museum while the older kids did the Botanical Garden.  The collection was called Textiles and Culture.  Here we got to see bead work from South Africa of the Ndebele people.  We got to see some amazing metal/beaded headdresses from a Nomadic people called the Tekke from Turkmenistan (a country I never knew existed).  The clothing created from cowrie shells, beads, bark (like below in the rain gear for a child) were amazing.  I really enjoyed this collection and the Museum Curator also read the younger group a book about the bead work from South Africa. 

If you get a chance go visit both of these museums one outside and one inside.  And a bonus is right now the weather is beautiful!


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