Alafia River Rendezvous

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 1:13 PM

Today with CHSF, we went back in time, to pioneer days.

It only took two hours to go back in time with 3 kids.

I followed another persons map, and almost got lost......and noticed I needed to actually turn right instead of left........but I called others on our trip to make sure.....b/c I had no GPS system and like my 3 kids are going to help me -- are you kidding they were playing either their DSes or IPad???  So, no help had I-- especially in an area of Florida I had never been!

I tell you going back and time takes some going right to go left, huh? 

But we made it, and it was cool........people can actually live there the entire month and pretend they are old timey!

We learned how to make root beer and Sarsaparilla.

Our group, the parents and children learned a little dance.


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