Our Ice Skating Adventure

Posted by Page Phelps | | Posted On Friday, December 14, 2012 at 5:51 PM

So I took this crew ice skating.  I was brave........I wondered what broken bones might follow us home.......I was hopeful, that there would be no injuries. 

But, there was a busted bloody tooth within 15 minutes of us getting on our skates and onto the ice.  It was Hezekiah, but he handled it very well, shed a few tears, but after some ice water and some ice to put on the bloody tooth, he went back out to skate.  Brave boy!

My crew looked like little old men and a little old woman with their walker skaters, but lots of others this was their first time too and well they too rented them.  I know how to ice skate.........those many King's Island Winterfests years ago........I learned. 

By the time we left, 2 hours of ice skating, and watching the Zamboni, I had two boys who could ice skate on their own.  I was impressed! 

They LOVED it and cannot wait to go back again! 

So, I am glad I took them, and thankful that I am able to take them.  I even got to skate around once with just Hezekiah, talking and showing him how to skate backward.  I am thankful to homeschool my children.  Truly a blessing!


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