Trunk or Treat EGFB

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Trunk or Treat 2012

 Captain America -- Hezekiah

Wolverine -- Eli

Cupcake -- Maggie Beth

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy we had some lovely cool weather. 

But the kids still shed their costumes within an hour of trunk or treat.........this occurs every year. 

Not sure why we even bother with costumes.....does this happen to your family too?

Thanks Church!

Flying Lessons

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Boy Scout Superhero Camp-out

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The boys had a Boy Scout Superhero camp-out this weekend.

Yesterday we went and helped them set up camp.

Hezekiah and Eli spent the night with Page and the other scouts at Wickham Park.

Maggie Beth has had a cold, so I took her home for the night.

But before we left we had dinner (pizza ordered in by the scouts), and we caught an outdoor movie, The Incredibles.

(The tent)

Day 2, the boys got up early and had a flag foot ball game.  They informed me they had stayed up playing with their

friend Alston, late into the night......11 p.m.  So they did not get to bed until after 11. 

I asked Eli if he had fun sleeping on the air mattress, and his reply was, "It was AWESOME!"

So I guess for their first night camping was a hit!

We also figured out that our family of five probably would have not fit in the tent, so it worked out well that Magpie and I went home for the evening.  The tent is BK, before kids......our tent that we used prior to having children.  Go figure, we thought we could fit us all in there! 

So Day 2, the boys were up early 7 a.m., headed to flag football.  After football we headed back to the campsite.

The kids did archery, BB guns, obstacle courses, sling shots.  They had a blast dressed as their superhero selves! 

Maggie Beth was a camoflaged lady bug sort of super hero, Eli was Wolverine, and Hezekiah was Captain America.

Gotta love this one of Maggie Beth shooting the BB gun in her lady bug Tu-Tu.......crack me up! 

She is so stinking cute!

All in all I think we give it a thumbs up!


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Today at homeschool fellowship I did my best to teach the PreK-3rd graders about whales.

(I am not sure this age group is my forte........just because my own kids try to win my affection while I am trying to teach a whole group of other kids their age.....another post for sure).

We talked about characteristics that mammals have: hair, mammary glands, lungs, warm-blooded, and give birth to live young. 

Then we started talking about types of marine mammals.  The kids listed all kinds for me!  (They are smart!)

Then we focused in on whales and grouped the whales into having teeth or having baleen.

And we created a Killer Whale with a marshmallow teeth mouth and a Blue Whale with black licorice baleen.

We talked about how the two groups feed on different things because of their mouth structures.

I also showed the kids how the baleen filters out the krill just like a spaghetti cauldron with some sprinkles (pretending they were krill).

We also tried our hand with bubble netting like the Killer Whales.....

the kids blew through the straws and tried to get their goldfish in a small area so they could get them all together to take one big gulp of fish.

Next we measured out the size of the Blue Whale in length. 

We measured 100 feet and we also found out we would need to line up 24 preschoolers to Third graders to be as long as a blue whale.

We also measured out the size of a Blue Whales fluke, which is 20 feet wide.

We talked about whale migrations. 

Whale rescuing.

And made our own little blue oceans.