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Last night we took Page to get some reptile......alligator to eat at Lone Cabbage. 

Then we headed over to Hollywood to spend the evening. 

A late evening........of Star Tours, ice cream, popcorn, American Idol, and what went for Fantasmic! 

My Literal Child

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Eli thinks of words in their usual  or most basic sense..........he is very literal.

Today he said to me, "Why is invisible even a word?  Because you can't see it!" 

I said, "I am not sure Eli!"  Crack me up! 

He is a funny six year old!  I think Kindergarten age is a pretty funny age! 

Three Little Birds pitch in my Backseat

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This morning after breakfast we went to Sebastian Inlet, we listened to Bob Marley the whole way there.  So there were three little birds pitch in my backseat singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true, we got there at 10 a.m.  Hezekiah and Eli were the bravest of all of the four of us, they went in swimming and body surfing, they certainly were not worried about a thing.  It is a tee bit chilly still in the water, I think.  But Maggie and I got use to it.  There was a stiff breeze too, making it chilly when you got out of the water this is my message to you ooohh oohhh.    We looked for creatures in the rocks with nets in tow, we found some crabs and gastropods.  We collected shells.  Eli built a rock castle.  And we left way later than I had planned on staying!  I guess that is what the beach does to you puts you on island time!      


Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

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So the next book I think we are going to read as a family is Swiss Family Robinson.  The kids enjoyed climbing up into the tree house.

I think they have in mind plans for their own tree house. 

This is our trip back to the car on the monorail.  Maggie Beth is passed out.  And to Eli, perhaps this is the best part of Disney......the monorail.  See his little head looking out the window watching the other monorail pass.  He desperately wants the monorail set that he sees every time we are at EPCOT when we get off Test day day.........perhaps it will be his.........


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This is what Maggie Beth and Eli look like in line as we wait.  They hold hands, sing, dance, and hug...hug.....hug.  They are about adorable! 

We had a pretty fun-filled day, we rode Peter Pan, and we found out that the Barnstormer ( a new ride),

part of the new Fantasy-land, was open.  So the longest we waited today was 30 minutes for the Barnstormer!

(Thanks to fast passes! -- seriously whoever came up with that idea is awesome)! 

Here we are on the new Barnstormer.  The kids loved it!  Even though it is only according to Page 3 seconds long and according to me 5 seconds long! :) 

Winnie the Pooh

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We also rode Winnie the Pooh, a favorite also of some little ones in our family.  They may just like the play area as much as the ride itself. 

Head of cabbage anyone? 

And this is what the table looks like when we sit to eat lunch......hmmm.......a bit lop sided towards Daddy.........


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We spent a magical day with lots of other people at Magic Kingdom.

Seems like it's Spring Break? Our first time to wait in line for the People Mover or the Train.

But we still had fun, even with the thousands of others. 

Thankfully we walked right on the number one choice today........Splash Mountain.........and yes we got soaked! 

A New Smile -- A two (Twooth) for one special!

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The Tooth Fairy is going to get a Twooth for one special tonight!

Eli lost two teeth today, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Oh, I absolutely love his new toothless smile.  He is so adorable!

I guess all he will want for Easter is his two front teeth! 

A Three Year Old that I LOVE!

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Some days spent at home are a bit marvelous! 

Especially when your 3 year old shows you she can pump her legs all by herself and swing. 

Or when you witness art in the making.  (Fence art!)

I adore these little ones!

Page's Pictures of Phienas & Ferb Cake

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Phienas and Ferb Cake

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Last night and today, I have been mainly working on the above Phienas and Ferb cake for a soon to be 7 year old boy!

The one thing that I have learned about Phienas and Ferb is that their faces are very geometric......Phienas being more triangular and Ferb being more rectangular.

And that is about all I know about these 2 fellows........I do know that they hang out at Hollywood Studios because I have seen them on the back lot.

But since we do not have the Disney Channel, we do not get to experience this show.  I think the boys have seen it at a friends house and on vacation. 

As I was making the cake, my boys would tell me about their hair color and t-shirt colors etc.  Obviously, they know more than me about these geometrically cool cartoon characters!