An Active Little Guy & An Active Little Mind

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So I wonder when it all began. 

The stifling of little boys and their activeness.

If you are a parent of a little boy you know what I am talking about.

I have 2 little boys, one is a bit more busy than the other, but both are still "boys" and busy. 

I often think a lot of parents forget or make up excuses for boy behavior or label it and medicate it which often times I believe is not needed (sure it is needed for some).  The thing is it is natural for boys to be more active.  When I found out I was having a boy I read a wonderful book called Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson.  It was really enlightening because well, I was never a boy so it made me look into the mind of a little one. 

Boy, adventure, aggressive, wired for activity (not all boys are like this I know I have seen some thinkers), designing guns out of bread, war, swords, light sabers, good versus evil.

So where did the whole idea come from to stifle this boyhood expression of the love of adventure?

I think it all started with conventional schools that do not allow boys to be boys.  Some teachers are really good with boys, I have seen them.  Some teachers even wish they had more outlets for teaching boys that need to take breaks and for ones to run to let off steam.  You know a lot of these types of little boys are defending our country today.  They are do-ers.   

My boy learns by moving,  he is a kinaesthetic learner (Kinaesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the student actually carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or merely watching a demonstration.  It is also referred to as tactile learning.  People with a kinaesthetic learning style are also commonly known as do-ers.) I was one of these learners too (maybe that is why I liked science so actually got to do it!). 

So those types that learn better with hand motions and by jumping from word to word on the pavement why should we make them sit for long periods?  Should I stifle that and not allow him to learn in a way that is better for him? 

The answer is no. 

The answer is I have to be more creative as a parent and a teacher.  I also have to teach patience to others, because conventional teaching says that is not normal?  Really? 


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