Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 9:15 AM

The other day Maggie was playing in her room and I found her in my little baby crib I had for my baby dolls when I was a little girl. My Mom had sent this and some of my old dolls a while back and Maggie Beth has been playing in it. She is too funny! But she is such a cute baby doll!

Maggie Beth also has a growing vocabulary. She is 16 months old now, so her speech is coming along. Boon = Spoon, Baff = Bath, Bock = Block.  She is so funny, she gets her pretend food and asks for a boon, she will walk to the silverware drawer and point for a "boon" and continually say "boon." Oh she is too sweet! She also absolutely loves, which I think is not a strong enough word, her baths. And we will say to her, "Maggie, do you want to go get a bath?" Then she is off, toddles right to that baff tub. Oh, I love how she is talking.  Adorable, just adorable.


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