No, no dat blueberry has not come yet!

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In my efforts to remember each day, this is like my little blurb for my
children in the future. My intentions are to make this a little
scrapbook for them, so this is a fun way to share our life with others I

Yesterday was a big event in our home. Hezekiah's tooth was super loose
and at dinner, I told Page that he needed to check Kiah's tooth b/c it
was hanging there. Now, Page is the tooth man, maybe he should have
been a dentist. He has pulled kids' teeth before, so being our own
child was a treat for him (I guess that is what you would call it!) So
after dinner Hezekiah allowed Page to pull his tooth, after much talking
during dinner about the tooth fairy and the money that the tooth fairy
would leave and maybe getting a toy if he had enough
Hezekiah being one who loves gifts/toys, was all for it. So the tooth
fairy came to visit our home last night. How much fun! Hezekiah awoken
by his brother this morning at 3:45 a.m. accusing him of taking his
babies (all his stuffed animals that he sleeps with),........the poor
kid just must have awoke from a bad dream that his brother was taking
stuff from him or something, remembered the tooth fairy was suppose to
come and looked under his pillow to his surprise she had already come,
he was soooo excited, "Yeah!!!!" he said shaking with pure excitement.
Anyhow, later that morning when people are suppose to actually be
awake........he was still excited. And we all had breakfast and there
was more talk about the tooth fairy and how she got in the house and
what she looked like and etc. and then out of no where Eli says with
puppy eyes, "No, no dat blueberry (tooth fairy) has not come yet!" I
could not stand it not to share. What a pumpkin that little guys is!
So, you may ask why was I awake at 3:45 a.m.? Well, I was feeding my
sweet little Maggie Beth and praise God........she slept 6 hours last
night! Yeah hooray for Maggie Beth!!!


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