The Battle of Yorktown

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Earlier in the week, prior to going on our trip to Colonial Williamsburg, we finished the American Revolution by studying the Battle of Yorktown.  It was pretty neat to actually go to the battle fields where the final battle was fought.  We also got to see in the museum a replica of the ships used out in the water. 

Yorktown is located at the opposite end of the colonial parkway from Jamestown. Colonial Williamsburg, is found right between the two and the parkway actually goes under the colonial town. 

Jamestown, Virginia

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Since we were in Colonial Williamsburg, we decided to drive the colonial parkway to Jamestown and Yorktown.  Our first stop was Jamestown.  We walked where Captain John Smith and Pocahontas walked.  So cool!  We had built a replica of Jamestown out of paper, so we knew the layout.  It was neat to actually see history.

Capitol, Blacksmith, Fife and Drum, Wig Maker, Apothecary - My fav, see why

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The apothecarist was my favorite, he had a captivated audience with my crew.  He asked if anyone needed teeth pulled, he also asked if any one needed any appendages amputated and proceeded to tell the kids the procedure if they did.  It was so funny.  Eli's face seriously was the best.