Pumpkin Patch

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This picture tells a story of three kiddos getting bigger and bigger.  We have been going to this particular pumpkin patch for years, doing the hayride, capturing the photos near the pumpkin that tells you how much you have grown.  Any well, these kids have done just that, grown.  My goodness they are getting big.  
But it is a tradition and I am kind of traditional. 

Grand Floridian Tea

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 Maggie and I went for tea at the Grand Floridian back in August.  It was such a sweet time for her and I.  We had tea and umm chocolate milk, finger sandwiches, fruit, and desserts!  She was just too cute to watch.  I love you Magpie!

School this Year

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 School has been moving by quickly this year.  We already have over 9 weeks completed.  Not only have I been teaching my three at home, but I have also been facilitating a Marine Biology and Earth Science class at SPLASH this semester.  On top of that I have been leading our swim team, Spirit Kidz.  I think that is why the school year is speeding by so quickly. 
Above the boys and the class learned about the moon and the moon phases.  

 Above Maggie, Eli, and Hezekiah learned about colonial stenciling.
 Maggie and her little friend are dissecting a squid in Marine Biology.

 We had the Barrier Island Sanctuary come and teach Marine Biology all about Sea Turtles and their feeding adaptations.
 The boys with their classmates created Constellation Finders and also learned about the sun & solar energy by creating a solar oven and having S'mores.

 Marine Biology dissected Sea Stars, Maggie was a bit disgusted. She was thankful for good friends who enjoy dissecting.

 In history Maggie, Eli, and Hezekiah created the 7 cities of Cibola, which were in fact Adobe houses.
 They also created Aztec golden masks.

 In Marine Biology we also learned about whales, their feeding adaptations, Baleen and Toothed whales, whale strandings, and that it took 26 kids lined up on the floor to equal the length of a Blue Whale which is approximately 100 feet long.

 Here the students in Earth Science created a Focault Pendulum.

 We also learned about quadrants in history and knot tying.