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Eli and Maggie Beth loved Art Camp this week.  Eli took Photography, Woodworking, Printing, Illustration, and 3-D printing.  Maggie took Canvas Art, Drama, Up-cycling, Painting, and Printing.  Below are some of their pieces of art work.  I am thankful for the instructors they had and the creativity that God has given each of these teachers to instruct our kids. 

Tubing the Toccoa

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The cabin we were staying at was less than a mile from this tubing site.  We went here our last day to go tubing and this area of the Toccoa is amazing, the rapids were a bit rougher....but it made the trip a whole lot of fun.  It was gorgeous with all the trees that surrounded the river in this area.  Maggie made a friend on the river, her name was Georgia.  They were too cute trying to hold onto each others tube as we drifted down river with the current.

Sea Creek Falls

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This was our hike to Sea Creek Falls, exploration of the water falls.  It was a short hike, less than a mile.  It was out in the middle of nowhere.  No cell service, so it was a good thing we remembered the directions on how to get back to the cabin.  It was beautiful, silent, a fun time with just our family and we did not have to share the trail with any other tourists or locals.