NFL Flag Football

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, May 27, 2016 at 7:06 AM

Hezekiah played NFL Flag football this past Spring.  He had a fun little team and they were ranked in 1st place going into the finals for the Superbowl playoff.  Hezekiah learned a lot during this season, about being encouraging to his team mates and learning to roll with the punches.  I was encouraged by his teamwork and he learned a lot of great skills from his coaches.  Hezekiah really enjoys football, all aspects of it.  Recently, we went to the library and got some biographies on Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Brees.  Hezekiah scored 4 touchdowns this season and he got a lot of nice catches as a receiver.  We were also thankful for his coaches that stayed level-headed and patient with the kids.  In the end, the last game of the season, the Superbowl, the Giants lost and ended up second place.  

 Way to go Giants!

8 is Great!

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Today we celebrated 8 years old!  I really cannot believe it, it needs to slow down.  This kid was super excited about celebrating her birthday with her friends and cousins!  We celebrated with ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, that included a behind the scenes tour of the ice cream shop and a behind the scenes tour of how movies are shown at the theater. 

Eli guessed that the bucket container for Ben and Jerry's Vermonster contained 20 ice cream scoops, which equals 14 thousand calories.  So he, and Maggie, and another friend go awarded waffle cones with their ice cream. 

We were so thankful for the sweet friends and our cousins that were able to help Maggie celebrate!  It was a nice change of pace from cake!

When we got home Maggie opened her presents.  Of which, one was a Princess Leia costume.  Oh my goodness, this outfit is too cute.  

Happy birthday sweet girl.  You are full of life, you do not mind speaking your mind, you are adventurous, and spunky, very spunky.  I am so thankful God chose me to be your mommy!  Daddy and I love you so much!  I pray that God creates in you a love that goes beyond what I can even imagine for Him! 

River Ranch Pony Ride

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For months Maggie has been reminding us that she will not be able to go on the "pony" rides because she will be turning 8 very soon.  Seven is the limit for pony rides.  So her wish, prior to turning 8 this coming weekend, was to go on the pony ride at River Ranch.  So for 5 dollars, I made this wish come true today.  She also wanted to visit the petting farm, which is that is an easy no brainer too.  The only problem is River Ranch is an hour and a half, or an hour and 20 minutes away.  So..............timing.............timing of the visit.  
We selected today as the day!!! 
And she was delighted!
Worth every minute of the drive.

 Maggie had a stare down with a bit of conversation with this horse. 

We petted goats, deer, sheep, saw baby chicks, baby pheasants, emus, turkeys, a Chinese bird that I cannot recall the name of, donkeys, mules, bunnies, pigs, and we were the only people there for an hour and a half.  The kind gentlemen pictured above showed us all around.  Allowed Hezekiah to get in the pin with sheep, gave Maggie a peacock feather, told us all sorts of fun facts about the animals he cares for, allowed Maggie to feed a calf, and gave us an Emu egg to check out.  He was super kind and very knowledgeable.    

We also went to the main office for Westgate River Ranch and asked about the cool Teepees we noticed while at the petting farm and asked if we could check one out.   A young lady, named Riley, gladly escorted us off in her golf cart and took us to the Teepees to check out.  I inquired of the price, she said for one night for 2 people (all inclusive) it was a pretty penny of 450 dollars.  Wow!  But man, these Teepees were pretty stinking cool.  There were also hammocks outside to lie in and a cool pow wow area to sit around a campfire.  But hey, if you want you can also go primitive camping at River Ranch for around 40 dollars per night.  A little more my league!  Ha!  But let me tell you, it does not hurt to ask to see something because that was really cool! 

 Here is Maggie feeding the calf.  So sweet!