Magic Kingdom & Epcot

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 6:11 PM

Monday after camping, Page still had a holiday so we went over to Magic Kingdom and Epcot for the day.  We rode Space Mountain and the kids drove the cars on the Speedway, we also went on the People Mover and opted to head over then for lunch at Epcot.  

 Maggie had made a snowflake for Mickey Mouse so she wanted to give it to him.  He was pretty booked at the Magic Kingdom, but was available at Epcot so she was able to give him his snowflake.  
It was really sweet, Mickey really made a big deal of the snowflake that Magpie had made him.  

 Maggie even spent some of her own Christmas money and she bought a Mickey!

Hollywood Studios Osborne Lights - My FAVORITE lights

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My favorite dancing lights are the Osborne Lights at Hollywood Studios.  They are AMAZING, I seriously feel like a kid in a sparkly little winter land when the lights are twinkling and the bubbly snow falls from the sky.  I like getting hot cocoa and just taking in all the lights.  It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  I am seriously sad that this was the last year for these lights at Disney.  I am secretly hoping that they find a new home for these lights somewhere close by, perhaps at another Disney park or Disney Springs.  I mean it would be awesome to see them for free!  Anyhow, I was super excited to be able to go see them this year and very thankful that we were able to. 

Fort Wilderness

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At the campsite Saturday we made some Mickey pancakes.  The boys had their pocket knives in hand and were doing lots of whittling.  The boys had their own hideout/fort in the trees.  I think the girls spent sometime trying to spy on them, but they mostly rode around on the scooters.  The girls though did end up creating their own fort. 

 We checked out the petting farm area with the ponies and the barn where they keep the horses.