Cumberland Falls State Park

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The Falls are located about 20 minutes away from the college campus.  It is beautiful.  My freshman year my Insights group went up to see the moonbow, and during my years at Cumberland I visited the Falls a lot, love it there.  We tried to see the moonbow Saturday night, but it was cloudy so we did not get to see it this time.  Cumberland Falls and Victoria Falls are the two places in the world where you can witness the moonbow.  It is pretty cool. 

We spent the afternoon exploring the area of the Falls, the kids have a blast anywhere water and rocks are.  My cousin got to hang out with us too. 

Trip to Cumberland - Our Hobbit House

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This past weekend was a whirlwind, we drove hours in the Ford to tent camp at the Cumberland Falls State Park only to be greeted by unrealistic amounts of rain.  Page and I pressed on, we set up the tent in the rain, set up a tarp to eat under and then the downpour came.  As we all sat/standing eating sub sandwiches, apples, and chips; rain poured and poured on our overly drenched heads and garments.  Page and I looked at each other and we both suggested going to the lodge to seek out a room or something else. 

 Disclaimer: Now we have camped in the "rain" before, but I guess after driving several hours, we really just desired a warm bed and a cozy warm bed is what we had in our "Hobbit House" as Page called it.  
These cottages at the Cumberland Falls State park are cute and cozy and it suited our needs perfectly.  

 The next morning we took our tent down and then I took the kids on a walk to see the horses at the stable. 

Baby Sea Turtles

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Living in Florida is not too bad.  These kids have seriously had some cool experiences.  Two summers ago  these three had the opportunity to help release 36 adult sea turtles back into the wild.  Today they had the way cool opportunity to release baby sea turtles back into the wild.  There were 5 loggerheads and 1 green sea turtle that they were able to help release.  We also got to see an excavated green sea turtle nest site. 

Oh, these sea turtles were so adorable.  We, well, I was cheering them on to the water!  The kids were more down into the thick of things watching each of their movements in the sand toward the water's edge.  Oh, and they were so tiny! 

After the sea turtles made it to the water, we came back up and the excavator opened up some eggs that did not hatch.  Hezekiah was all into it, he wanted to see what was inside those eggs.  We saw some underdeveloped turtles where partial shell had developed.  A lot just had the yolk and they mentioned sometimes the turtles lay spacer eggs.  It was a very cool experience.  We had to get up early, we left at 7:15 a.m. this morning, but it was well worth it.