Spring Break 2015

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 Air Show

 Checking out the buttons on the Blackhawk.

 Getting an autograph from one of the Blue Angels.

 Getting a free t-shirt at the airshow because you are apart of the little crowd. 

 Spending time with a fun friend.
Seeing if you are taller than Grandma.
Seeing the movie Cinderella with Grandma.

  Celebrating a friend's birthday at the park.
And learning how to kayak.   


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The weather forecast predicted 90% chance of rain today.  I had made plans to borrow some kayaks, but decided it would probably rain so decided to wait.  But we woke up this morning and it was sunny.  So my friend, Rose, said we could just take turns taking the kids out on her kayak.  So we did.  Magpie was a bit fearful at home, but she went first and loved it.  She even cried when we left because she wanted to go again.  I learned that Hezekiah is a wiggle bottom and he would need his own  kayak if we were to go out together.  He is just getting so big.  I also learned Eli desperately wanted to paddle himself.  So that may be two that need to go by themselves.  

 Rose took her crew out one by one as well.  It was so much fun and we so appreciate her taking the time to  help us learn and her willingness to share her kayak.  Thank you Rose!!!

The Lagoon House

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 The Lagoon House, in Palm Bay, offers educational classes focusing on habitat restoration of the Indian River Lagoon.  One of the main focuses is to plant red mangroves, so that is what the students at Community and my three did yesterday. 
We used the seedlings of the red mangroves, the propagules, and planted them in burlap with dirt, then sand, then another layer of dirt.  They then let them grow for 3 years and then plant them along the IRL.  
They also have a contest, whoever brings in the most propagules wins a pizza party.  
My kids might just start collecting propagules.