Sea World & The Dastardly Net Climb

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, January 30, 2015 at 5:41 PM

This morning we  woke up around 6:30 a.m. to head on over to Sea World to check out the marine life. Our first stop was to touch the slimy sting rays. 

 Our first stop was in Key West. 
Next we visited the aquarium under Manta  and saw an assortment of sea life. We were very impressed with the sea stars and the octopus (not pictured). 

I also really like these Sea dragons, and their superb camouflage.  Amazing creatures, our God made!  
Next stop took us a bit further South, the South Pole, Antarctica.  Yes, for these Florida kids this is as good as "snow" gets! 

 We also stopped off in the Pacific to catch some glimpses of sea lions.  Maggie loved their barking.  The kids and I laughed so much at a few of these sea lions, they kept begging or "barking" for food.  By the way, fun fact do you know the difference between a sea lion and a seal?  Sea lions have ear flaps and are able to "walk" on land.  Seals, have only ear hole and have to scoot on the land.   

 Next we checked out the sharks. 

 Hezekiah cracks me up!  Seriously, he comes up with these poses all himself. 

 We also got to see the Dolphin show today, I think it is called Blue Horizons.  I am not sure how I got this shot of the dolphins.  Magpie told me, "That was good timing Mommy!"  Yep, good timing!

Lastly we played over in Shamu's Happy Harbour.  The rides are all fun and all, but let me tell you something, "That net something else."  First of all, I step on this netted contraption that is many feet up off the ground and I about have my stomach land in my Reefs.  The boys were already up the net to the other side and Maggie is bounding on the net (a bit afraid), but then she is all about it.  I can't let them  just go off by themselves on this net thing.  I mean the place is huge!  So, I overcome my fear, super quickly and brave it out.  Then for heaven's sakes there are these tunnels (yes, the McDonald land tunnels at their play lands) and here I am in a skirt (with shorts like underneath), my purse, and my camera hung around my neck going on this obstacle of nets and tunnels, scooting on my bum because that hard plastic in those tunnels is hard on the knees.  At one point I shove my camera in my bra because the stupid camera is hanging and so is my purse making it next to impossible to get anywhere in those darned tunnels.  But I make due with my kids saying, "Come on Mommy!"  Me, laughing, telling the kids, "Umm, next time Daddy is coming on this net climb with you all!"  But that is what a protective mommy does I suppose.  Yes, and that is what I did, cursing that net climb the whole way.  Perhaps if I had the right attire and no dangling accessories, perhaps it would have been more "fun" for mommy.  At least the kids loved it and enjoyed laughing at me!  Oh a day to remember for sure. 

Astronomy Day at Florida Tech

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Yesterday we rode  our bikes over to Florida Tech for their Astronomy Day.  We checked out the sun and the moon.  Then Page took the kids back over in the evening to see Venus, Mars, Betelgeuse, and the Orion Nebula. We even sat in on a lecture on the possibility of life on other planets.

Alafia River Rendezvous

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This is the 44th annual Alafia River Rendezvous, a period of time stuck in the era prior to the 1840's.  This is the second time we have had the opportunity to experience this encampment.  We got to see a blacksmith at work, a bagpiper, a potter, a quilter, Indians, tepees, flint lock guns, brass work, and  we got to see some of the campsites.  Our guide showed us his own personal campsite and shared his coyote pelt and I think it was a snowshoe hare pelt (but do not quote me on it).  When we went two years ago we got to see a tanner at work, a broom maker, and other artisans.  If you get the chance to go it is this weekend, Friday and Saturday.  It is worth the drive.  Here is a link: