Sea Turtle Habitats

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 12:29 PM

The boys created habitats for the sea turtle of their choice.  Hezekiah chose the Hawksbill sea turtle, so he created a coral reef, where they feed on sponges. 
Eli created a pelagic habitat for the Leatherback sea turtle that feeds on jellyfish. 

Thanksgiving 2014

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 7:51 PM

 After decorating the outdoors for Christmas, having Thanksgiving lunch at Cracker Barrel, and watching some of the Macy's Day parade, we headed to Disney for the day. 

 This was my handsome, crazy driver!  Ha!
He said, "You push the pedal, I'll drive!"  So, I did!

 Maggie lost her other front tooth!  Oh, my goodness.  She is so adorable!  The missing front teeth smile is seriously my favorite smile!  I can't stand it!  It is just so cute!  A Disney worker gave her a free Slushie in a souvenir cup! She was pumped!  She also made a wish in the "Make a Wish book,"  she wrote, "I wish for my two front teeth to grow back."  Love it! 

 The Castle was beautifully frozen! 

 Thankful to be able to spend time together! 
Such a blessing!

Peanuts Thanksgiving 2014

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 11:58 AM

Our Annual Peanuts Thanksgiving had to be held indoors this year!  A first.

But in the end we found a way to take it outdoors!  
Eli asked if we can make it 4 hours next year.  

 The Indians (serious faces)

 The Pilgrims

 I am not sure which are cuter the Indians or the Pilgrims, but my goodness some cutie pies for sure.  For some reason to me I just love seeing these kid all dressed up as Indians and Pilgrims.  ADORABLE! 

 Thank you for joining us today old friends and new friends.  
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may the Lord bless you and your family.  
Give thanks!