Beautiful Weather, Sweet Company

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, October 24, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Woke these three up early this morning to get our Mickey Side on!  
We got pulled in a "carriage" down Main Street, U.S.A. at 
Magic Kingdom.
The weather was chilly for us, but it warmed up. 

 We rode the carousel.


 The Barnstormer and the Little Mermaid ride. 

 We rode Big Thunder Mountain.

 We rode Aladdin's carpet ride. 

 We hung out in The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and wished it really was our home.  I mean really we could just live there and ride the attractions whenever we wanted,  even at night. 

 We also rode the Jungle Cruise, and pretty much whenever I take pictures anymore it seems they just make goofy faces, especially Eli.  They also told me, "Mommy, we have already gotten our picture taken here."  I said to them, "I know, but not in your cute Mickey shirts and well, I want to remember this.  So that is why I take so many pictures."  Here's to goofy pictures!

 Have I told you that I love the Fall decorations at Disney!  Love them! I secretly am anticipating the Christmas decor though!
Today was also pretty exciting, Eli drove the cars by himself for the first time.  Ahh, that little guy is getting more brave and he also ordered his own dinner tonight, (I did not have to tell the waitress).  Perhaps he is also getting a bit less shy!

 Eli peeking at Maggie and I from his car!  Hezekiah was in front of Eli in the other car!

 We were some pretty awesome Space Rangers today as well on Buzz Light Year!

 We also rode Space Mountain.  It was a full day of rides!  
Time well spent with these thrill seekers!

Lobster Anatomy Lesson

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 Perhaps it was a bit disturbing that the lobster was still moving. 
Perhaps it was a bit disturbing that the lobster was looking at us.

 Anyhow, we proceeded with identifying the anatomy of the lobster, while he was in action.