Time to Play

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Friday, September 12, 2014 at 3:32 PM

The kids and I enjoyed a day at Hollywood Studios.  It has been hard trying to fit in times to play with me working Monday and Wednesdays an hour and a half mid-day and then my evening class on M/W.   Then we have swim team also on Tuesday and Thursdays, so I have been planning ahead taking advantage of some days off to play. 

 Maggie Beth was excited to see and sing a long with the Frozen show.  She was too cute singing. 

Today the kids got to play in snow at Oaken's Trading Post  at Hollywood Studios.  The play snow was really cool and the kids really had a good time packing it.  Eli created sand castles, Hezekiah made blocks, and Maggie made a snowman.  

We were going to go ice skating too, but we had an issue with the skate lady, an employee apparently outside of Disney that worked with the skating rink that did not believe my kids had large feet.  Crazy lady.   We were fitted in our skates and ready to go when she took it upon herself to tell us that the skates my kids had on were too large for them.  I looked at her and said, "Yes,  my children have large feet,  and my son has the right skates on he does wear a men's size 9."  But instead she insisted that we get the right skates, for our safety.  Ha!  Silly lady goes to get us new skates and the ones she gets for my son do not fit, the ones she got for Maggie, Maggie said that her toes were at the end and Eli too, she made us miss 10 minutes of our 30 minute time to skate, and we were unable to come back at a later time so I just asked for our money back.  We decided to just wait and skate over in Rockledge sometime where no one has every inspected our skates to see if they are too big.  It was a bit ridiculous, I appreciate that she was looking out for our safety, but if she would have let us go we would not have missed the skating time instead she spent that precious time lecturing us.  Thankfully they refunded our money. 

 We also got caught in a Thunderstorm, so we took coverage and played hop scotch with some  shells I had in my bag. 

Thankfully, Issue Lady, (as Maggie has coined her), did not ruin our day.  We had a good time and we Let it Go!  Let it Go! 


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