Georgia Aquarium

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 Kelp beds (again we just learned the three different types of algae this past week in science, so we got to see Phaeophyta - the brown algae). 
 Spider crabs and Beluga Whales

 Sea Stars and Sea Dragons

 The penguins were awesome, they are South African penguins.  They like shiny objects so they would follow keys.  The workers encouraged the kids to play with them.  Very cool!

 The touch tank was so amazing.  
The sea stars and anemones were huge!

 We also got to see the dolphin show there.  The kids did their own performance later that evening in our hotel pool.  
They crack me up!

Georgia Aquarium - Whale Sharks

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 During our mission, Page planned for us to go to the Georgia Aquarium.  He had been there a couple years ago with work and told us how cool it was, that there were these huge whale sharks.  He was right, huge whale sharks, manta rays, and grouper. 

 It was really amazing, breathtaking.  Eli also made friends with several grouper.  I guess we can call him the grouper whisperer. 

Our Friend MARTA introduces us to Atlanta

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 This was my first experience with mass transit.   I am  not really a city girl.  I mean I have rode buses and all, but not a subway sort of thing.  Seriously, the monorail is the only thing that I have ever rode that is similar. 

 Here we are waiting on the MARTA, scary, exciting, different. 

 First introduction of the city to the kids.  
Standing in awe of the size of these mammoth buildings.

 Thank you MARTA for your introducing our children to Atlanta.