Excavating a Pyramid

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Today in history we pretended we were archaeologist and excavated a pyramid.  The kids had to determine which side was the entrance by deciphering the hieroglyphics to whether it said entrance or not.  Then they had to unlock the key hole and remove the top of they pyramid.  Once inside they had to delicately or not so delicately remove the sand and find the sarcophagus,  mummy, and canopic jars.  They excavated well, but there was much excitement and frenzy on who was going to pull the mummy out of the pyramid.  

I got this kit last year at Barnes and Nobel when they were having a half off sale.  We have been waiting to use it this year which our study on the pyramids and ancient Egypt.  This kit is from National Geographic and it was well worth the expense. 


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In Marine Science the kids have been studying salt water  versus fresh water, well that was last week, but I am just getting around to posting a photo.  In the salt water the egg floats and in the fresh water the egg sinks to the bottom.  They learned salt water is more dense, therefore when you swim in the ocean it is easier to float than at the swimming pool.  Ha!  Something they have learned all summer! 

Epcot as seen through Eli's eyes

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The pictures you see were taken by my 8 year old son, who took his own camera today to Epcot.  This is how my 8 year old saw Epcot today through his photos.  There are just a few photos he did not take and those would be the ones that he is in.  Otherwise, the photos are his doing.  I really like the first photo of the monorail with the Epcot globe behind it.  I think he takes after Page.  

 Page and his photo bomb.............

Friday before Last

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 The Friday before last, I took these three to the Magic Kingdom, since school would be starting this past week.  We rode SPLASH mountain two times in a row when we arrived, took off to Space Mountain, and also went on Big Thunder.  We stopped of at the carousel, spent some time in the Jungle Cruise, on Peter Pan, the Country Bear Jamboree, and also the Tiki room. 

 Looking forward to seeing how we can incorporate Disney into our school lessons this year!  

Studying the Ocean Floor

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The past two days these students have been building their ocean floors, today we mapped them using our lead-line method (poking a hole through aluminum foil to create a depth map). 

We Are Ready School Year 2014-15

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 Tomorrow starts our official first day of school.  We have done some work this weekend, since we have to go to an actual  school Monday and Wednesdays (and every other Friday).  
This shall be interesting!

We Played Bakery

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 A little Magpie asked if we could play this morning.  I asked her if she would like to play bakery.  She said yes.  So Magpie and I created some cake pops.  She took orders from her brothers and her daddy.  She also placed a table cloth in her restaurant with lighted candles.  Then she delivered orders to happy customers.  Nothing like cake pops at 10 o'clock in the morning.  

Thanks Casey Click for teaching us how to make these delicious treats! 

Satisfied customers!