Monday's Mountains Conquered

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 Monday morning we decided to conquer three mountains. 

We conquered Big Thunder first.

 Then we conquered Splash Mountain.


 Followed by some fun time at the Splash pad.

 And finally we conquered Space Mountain.

Senior Wildlife Explorers - There are Three

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Last week sometime there were some wildlife explorers at the Animal Kingdom who earned their Senior Wildlife Explorers badge.  The Senior Wildlife Explorers completed all 33 badges to earn the highly acclaimed SWF badge.  The badge was a "sticker,"  we had our hopes set a bit higher than a "sticker."  I as a parent was a bit disappointed with the "reward."  My kids laughed it off and thought that the "reward" that the Troop Leader and Badge Guides told us about when we finished all of them was a "great" surprise.  And boy it was, a lousy old sticker.  But I turned my hopes and attitude around and said, well really the great surprise is that you did learn a lot while earning those 33 badges!  So that is the real reward, the knowledge gained. 
 Reward noted above:  Hezekiah engaged in learning about the X-ray of the turtle and what  the turtle  had ingested. 

 Reward noted above:  Eli learning about the nutritional requirements of various animals that the take care of at the Animal Kingdom.

 Reward noted:  An explorer is a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole. 

 Reward noted:  Spending time with the ones I adore! 

Beach Morning

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