Trick or Treat 2013

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  I took this crew out to trick or treat.  They got candy, and  a lot of it.
While treating, things said were, "Oh, I have way too much candy.  I do not think I need anymore.  I do not have anymore room in my bucket."  said by Hezekiah.   "Can we go home now? I think that is enough candy."  said by Maggie.  "Um, I think that umm house is not having trick or treat.  Ummm, I don't want to go to that house it is kinda scarey."  said by Eli.  

"Don't you guys just want to go to one more house?  Just think you might just be missing out on the biggest candy bar ever if you by pass that house!"  said by me.  
 Upon returning, candy was emptied, costumes came off, sorting began, and things said were, "Man, that costume did me good!" said by Hezekiah.    "We got the motherload of candy!" said by Eli.  Sorting continued, and the trading of candies began. 
 Oh, I remember those days. 

And I said, "Aren't you glad I made you to to all those houses?" 
 Ha ha ha!!!

Oh, it took me back to those days, those cool crisp autumn days running, yes running door to door to get candy. 

Kids Cake for CHSF Contest

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This cake will be officially in a cake competition today at CHSF.  
They did a great job!

Trunk or Treat II

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This evening we went to a friends' church for their Trunk or Treat and Harvest Festival.  The kids had a lot of fun seeing their little buddies!  Plus I won a cake in their Cake Walk (which I have loved all my life since I was a young one at Wildwood Elementary schools Lawn Fetes).
That is the only game I really loved at the lawn fete, the cake walk.
I was so excited to win!  I made my whole family walk!  

The magnificent cake I won!

Pumpkin Carving

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 This sunny, Sunday afternoon we carved out our pumpkin, using the Nightmare Before Christmas idea, from Hezekiah's t-shirt.  And we had an old friend stop by to join in on the fun and have dinner with us, Miss Brittany! 

 Also instead of cutting the top of the pumpkin, a friend told us to just cut out the bottom, so Page tried it!

I drew the face, the kids sort of helped by cleaning the pumpkin out, and riding bikes while Page carved. 

Botanical Garden at FIT & Ruth Funk Textile Arts

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  Yesterday, with Central Homeschool Fellowship we went to the Botanical Gardens at Florida Tech and did a Scavenger Hunt.  The students were to find a variety of things, such as an example of a dicot leaf, monocot leaf, dicot flower, and monocot flower, moss, a fern, seed pod, etc.  They took photos and in the mean time learned something more about plants (I hope) if not I am sure they had fun talking, falling into the water, running around, and just being kids (those poor unsocialized children)....ha ha ha.....actually they might talk more than socialized children!!!  The scavenger hunt also included the base types, venation types, and apice types on leafs.  The pictures here were taken by Eli and Hezekiah.  

 After the Botanical Garden which is conveniently located next to Ruth Funk Textile Museum, we switched with the older kids and did a scavenger hunt in the museum while the older kids did the Botanical Garden.  The collection was called Textiles and Culture.  Here we got to see bead work from South Africa of the Ndebele people.  We got to see some amazing metal/beaded headdresses from a Nomadic people called the Tekke from Turkmenistan (a country I never knew existed).  The clothing created from cowrie shells, beads, bark (like below in the rain gear for a child) were amazing.  I really enjoyed this collection and the Museum Curator also read the younger group a book about the bead work from South Africa. 

If you get a chance go visit both of these museums one outside and one inside.  And a bonus is right now the weather is beautiful!

Annual Hayride 2013 - Tradition

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 Our family tradition, one weekend in October we visit our favorite pumpkin patch and take a hayride with this awesome, antique tractor pulling us! 

I love tradition and I love sharing it with my family and others.