Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

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 Today we visited the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and met some very special people there.  Our cousins.
Just look how cute they are!!!

 These two girls love their "girl cousin" time.  So adorable, holding hands and chatting.

Fulfilling Wishes

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Today I fulfilled someone's wishes. 
Wish one, to open a savings account.
Wish two, draw Minecraft characters with him.
Wish three, play a certain robot game on the IPAD.
3 Wishes fulfilled and I am not even a genie.

Eyes and Eye Balls

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Since we are preparing for a visit to the eye doctor this week, thought we might  have some fun with learning about eyes and the parts of the eye.  So the kids made these layered flip books. 

We also watched a video on a cow eye dissection. 
They all thought it was quite disgusting and thought Grandma might enjoy it! Here is the site if you are interested there are 12-13 steps in the video series:  http://www.exploratorium.edu/learning_studio/cow_eye/video_step01.html

We also did some optical illusions and tallied our friends eye colors.  The sites I got these from were www.TheCraftyClassroom.com and www.LittleBlots.com.  


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Been spending time with these crazy cousins...........

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 We took a brief visit this morning over to Camp Holly to show Schon some gators, we saw some baby gators and a big 6 foot gator in the gator pit below.  We also saw a couple out in the water. 
Then we took another brief visit to the Textile museum to see quilts.
They were really beautiful, but the boys were not as interested.....not sure why?

Being Called Out by a 9 Year Old

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We went to the beach the other day with my parents and nephew and the rip currents were really bad.  The waves were crashing.  And even though I am a VERY good swimmer the rip currents weird me out.   Hezekiah too is a PRETTY good swimmer, but I only really allow him to go out only so far, continually reminding him to not go out too far.  I am sure it is totally aggravating to him, my one who lives more on the wild side.  

Hezekiah and the kids have been going to VBS in the evenings and the first night was facing your fears.  And his verse he brought home to memorize was II Timothy 1:7, "For God did not give you a Spirit of fear, but a heart of power, love, and self-discipline."  Hezekiah said to me on the way home, "Mom, you did not face your fear."  Me, "Yes, you are right Hezekiah, I didn't."  I continued to say, "I am afraid that you will get dragged under and drown.  You are definitely correct.  I need to trust God more and not be afraid."  

He called me out.  

We even shared this with Page later.  Page had a good response though, he said, "Well, God also gives you wisdom.  For example, if you are on top of a tall building and start walking along the ledge, Mommy probably would tell you to get down.  Because she knows that if you fall you could get hurt or even die.  God gives Mommy wisdom to know if something could be harmful to you too."    So what I guess I need is a good balance of not fearing and trusting God with the wisdom He gives me.  

They are Wet and they are Lands, they are WETLANDS

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This morning the kids and I went with my parents and my nephew to the Viera Wetlands to see some wildlife.  We saw lots of water birds, but the alligators must have known it was too hot to be out.

Here are my bird watchers.  

Foosaner Exhibit: Pressing Print

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The Foosaner Art Museum has the Pressing Print exhibit.

Along with their exhibit they have a family fun guide with a scavenger hunt for your kids or for you to find the objects that are hidden in the prints.  

My 3, had fun finding the images.

They also have presently an exhibit video titled The Way Things Go, that was very cool.  As I watched my middle child take in the video I thought to myself, "He is probably going to set up chain reactions such as these at home."  Thankfully the curator told the children, "Do not try this at home!"  It is kind of like a cause and effect set up, my mom said it was like Mouse Trap.  Here is a link to the video off of the Foosaner website: http://www.foosanerartmuseum.org/exhibition-video.php#.Ud72wW37ZX8

So if you are looking for some summer art study on lithograph and print making, or looking for cause and effect.....science related studies.....this would be a great way to introduce both.

Afterglow & Cute Kids

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