Christmas Morning.........Zero Hours

Posted by Unknown | | Posted On Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 6:37 PM

Some views from Christmas hours was at 6:40 a.m. this year. 

Much later than years past. 

Wrapping paper flying, Oohhs and Aaahhs, checking out each others presents, jumping up and down, smiles, hugs, and thank yous.............that was our Christmas morning. 

Present highlights:

Maggie Beth got a handmade writing center (table) & craft table made by Page.

Eli got lots of LEGOS.  Eli spent the whole day on the first present he opened......the LEGO Medieval Castle.......he started at 7 a.m. and never finished........Page and I finished after he went to sleep......seriously that is a lot of LEGOS! So he was happy to see it finished this morning and then able to play with the rest of his presents....but he LOVES putting LEGOS together.  I seriously think it is his favorite thing to do!

Hezekiah got lots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, including the LEGO sets that were not suppose to be out til 2013!

We shared our Christmas this year with a young fellow from our church, pretty much last minute plans. 

He came over and had a late breakfast with our family and he and Page played guitar and bass for a few hours while I played with the kids and their new presents. 

Later Page and I watched Nacho Libre..........that show is just plain silly. 

We played with lots of toys, made lots of crafts, listened to lots of music, and enjoyed time as a family.

I am super thankful for Christmas, the Joy of our Lord, His grace and salvation, and time together with loved ones! 

God Bless!


Look who stopped by.........

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Our kids asked us to get a picture of Santa in here he is before he unloaded the presents! 

Hawaiian Girl

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Look what Grandma and Grandpa brought Maggie Beth from Hawaii! 

She likes to do the hula!

A Day With Family

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Today we had a wonderful time with our beautiful neices and handsome nephews! 

We enjoyed the company of Page's brothers and their wives!

We got to celebrate one of our neices birthdays, her 18th, and Hezekiah's 9th! 

There was lots of laughing and lots of playing by some sweet and adorable faces! 

I got to make 2 birthday cakes and Snoopy Snow Cones for those 9 and under. 

It was such a sweet time! 

Merry Christmas Wares!!

Happy 16th Anniversary!!!!

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Sixteen years ago at this time I was with the girls in my wedding party........just got done with the rehearsal dinner........awaiting for 12/21/96, to

get married to the most amazing man, my husband, best friend, my sweet love.....Page! 

I am so thankful for these 16 years sweet pea! 

I love you!  God has truly blessed us!

Thank you for loving me unconditionally! 

Time with Grandpa & Grandma

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The Christmas Train - Tavares, FL

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We took Grandma and Grandpa on a "Polar Express" type train ride in Tavares, FL yesterday........we were headed to the North Pole.

There were elves, hot chocolate, chefs, a conductor who checked our tickets, and Santa of course. 

It was a very Christmasy time!